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US10017762 Compositions and methods for treating or preventing lupus
US10017763 dsRNA molecules comprising oligonucleotide analogs having modified intersubunit linkages and/or terminal groups
US10017764 Oligomeric compounds comprising bicyclic nucleotides and uses thereof
US10017765 Inhibitors of CACNA1A/ALPHA1A subunit internal ribosomal entry site (IRES) and methods of treating spinocerebellar ataxia type 6
US10017766 SiRNA and their use in methods and compositions for inhibiting the expression of the FLAP gene
US10017767 Targets in multiple myeloma and other disorders
US10017768 Method of treatment of chlamydial infections with selected EGFR inhibitors
US10017769 MGMT-based method for obtaining high yeilds of recombinant protein expression
US10017770 TNT cloning system
US10017771 Construction of a quadruple enterotoxin-deficient mutant of bacillus thuringiensis
US10017773 HSF-like transcription factor, TBF1, is a major molecular switch for growth-to-defense transition in plants
US10017774 Control of pests in plants
US10017775 Engineered zinc finger proteins targeting plant genes involved in fatty acid biosynthesis
US10017776 Transgenic plants with altered nitrate levels in leaves
US10017777 DGAT genes for increased seed storage lipid production and altered fatty acid profiles in oilseed plants
US10017778 Means and methods for the reduction of photorespiration in crops
US10017779 Gene implicated in abiotic stress tolerance and growth accelerating and use thereof
US10017780 Clubroot resistant Brassica oleracea plants
US10017781 Rhizomania-resistant gene
US10017782 Immune cells modified by transient transfection of RNA
US10017783 Baculovirus system for the expression of a gene therapy vector
US10017784 Gene transfer into airway epithelial stem cell by using lentiviral vector pseudotyped with RNA virus or DNA virus spike protein
US10017785 Polypurine tract modified retroviral vectors
US10017786 Chromosomal landing pads and related uses
US10017787 Production of alkenes from 3-hydroxycarboxylic acids via 3-hydroxycarboxyl-nucleotidylic acids
US10017788 Recombinant yeast and method for producing ethanol using the same
US10017789 System and method for feedback control of gas supply for ethanol production via syngas fermentation using pH as a key control indicator
US10017790 Whole-cell biotransformation of fatty acids to obtain fatty aldehydes shortened by one carbon atom
US10017791 Coryneform bacterium transformant and process for producing 4-hydroxybenzoic acid or salt thereof using the same
US10017792 Biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals
US10017793 Metabolic evolution of Escherichia coli strains that produce organic acids
US10017795 Methods and systems for converting volatile fatty acids to lipids
US10017796 Transgenic microalgae with increased production of at least one omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid
US10017797 Continuous biotransformation of substituted aromatic carboxylic acids to their selective aldehydes and alcohols
US10017798 e. coli engineering bacteria producing 1,5-pentanediamine through whole cell catalysis and application thereof
US10017799 Benzylisoquinoline alkaloids (BIA) producing microbes, and methods of making and using the same
US10017800 Clean sugar and lignin from non-chemically pretreated lignocellulosic biomass
US10017801 Processing paper feedstocks
US10017802 Process for the production of hyaluronic acid in Escherichia coli or Bacillus subtilis
US10017803 Methods for nucleic acid manipulation
US10017804 Efficient production of steviol glycosides in recombinant hosts
US10017805 Enhancing ingredients for protein production from various cells
US10017806 Method for determination of microorganisms
US10017807 Generating cell-free DNA libraries directly from blood
US10017809 Nucleic acid amplification
US10017810 Methods for determining a nucleotide sequence contiguous to a known target nucleotide sequence
US10017812 Methods for non-invasive prenatal ploidy calling
US10017813 Differentiation of macromolecules and analysis of their internal content in solid-state nanopore devices
US10017814 Selective modification of polymer subunits to improve nanopore-based analysis
US10017815 Method for high throughput screening of nucleic acids
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