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US10017816 Methods and compositions for sequencing nucleic acids using charge
US10017817 Skin activation by acceleration of PDGF-BB activity
US10017818 Multiplex detection of DNA that originates from a specific cell-type
US10017819 Prediction and prophylactic treatment of type 1 diabetes
US10017820 Detection of genomic rearrangements by sequence capture
US10017821 Biomarkers for diagnosing ischemia
US10017822 Methods and compositions for identifying, diagnosing, and treating neuroblastoma
US10017823 Analytical method for increasing susceptibility of molecular targeted therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma
US10017824 Method for determining nucleic acid composition of nucleic acid mixture
US10017825 Compositions and methods for characterizing a DNA repair variant polypeptide
US10017826 Method for producing RNA
US10017827 Herbicide-resistant sunflower plants with multiple herbicide resistant alleles of AHASL1 and methods of use
US10017828 System and method for analysis of plant material for a set of unique exogenous genetic elements
US10017829 Genetic loci associated with Frogeye Leaf Spot resistance and Brown Stem Rot resistance and methods of use
US10017830 Oligonucleotide probes, kit containing the same and method for pathotyping of H5 avian influenza viruses
US10017831 Bacterial cultures of Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans and their use in the treatment of materials containing sulfur-compounds
US10017832 Compositions and methods for site specific recombination at asymmetric sites
US10017833 Method and tool for hardening a hollow profile of a steel workpiece
US10017834 High-strength stainless steel pipe
US10017835 Method for producing nickel sulfide and hydrometallurgical method for nickel oxide ore
US10017836 Method for producing reduced iron
US10017837 Metallurgical extraction technique to recover platinum group metals from a filter cake
US10017838 Method for extraction of lithium from lithium bearing solution
US10017839 Method for leaching valuable metals contained in waste denitrification catalyst by using roasting and water leaching
US10017840 Copper alloy and method for manufacturing the same
US10017841 Copper alloy casting and method of casting the same
US10017842 Creep-resistant, cobalt-containing alloys for high temperature, liquid-salt heat exchanger systems
US10017843 Compositions of particles comprising rare-earth oxides in a metal alloy matrix and related methods
US10017844 Coated articles and method for making
US10017845 Cylinder liner and method for producing same
US10017846 Methods of manufacturing release apparatuses
US10017847 Method and apparatus for ion milling
US10017848 Crucible
US10017849 High rate deposition systems and processes for forming hermetic barrier layers
US10017850 Cu—Ga alloy sputtering target, and method for producing same
US10017851 Magnetic field annealing for integrated fluxgate sensors
US10017853 Processing method of silicon nitride film and forming method of silicon nitride film
US10017854 Gas barrier film and method of manufacturing gas barrier film
US10017855 Process kit for a high throughput processing chamber
US10017856 Flowable gapfill using solvents
US10017857 Method and apparatus for controlling plasma near the edge of a substrate
US10017858 Coating material filling and discharging device
US10017859 Polymer articles, ink compositions, and methods for selectively metalizing polymer articles
US10017860 Metal plated wear and moisture resistant composite actuator
US10017861 Zirconium pretreatment compositions containing a rare earth metal, associated methods for treating metal substrates, and related coated metal substrates
US10017862 Stainless substrate having a gold-plating layer, and process of forming a partial gold-plating pattern on a stainless substrate
US10017863 Corrosion protection of bronzes
US10017864 Automated tank cathodic protection/corrosion monitoring system
US10017865 Electrochemical method for producing pure-oxygen gas and oxygen-lean gas from oxygen-containing gas mixtures
US10017866 Apparatus for synthesizing ammonia
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