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US10017867 Electrorefining of magnesium from scrap metal aluminum or magnesium alloys
US10017868 Electrochemical processing of materials, methods and production
US10017870 Method for fabricating a heat sink, and heat sink
US10017871 Electrodepositing apparatus and preparation of rare earth permanent magnet
US10017872 Metal oxide films with reflective particles
US10017873 Method for forming coating layer containing magnesium on metal support, catalyst support and catalytic converter, including coating layer containing magnesium formed by the same method
US10017874 Ferroelectric crystal film, electronic component, manufacturing method of ferroelectric crystal film, and manufacturing apparatus therefor
US10017875 Nickel manganese composite hydroxide particles and manufacturing method thereof, cathode active material for a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof, and a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
US10017876 Chemical vapor deposition flow inlet elements and methods
US10017877 Silicon carbide crystal growth in a CVD reactor using chlorinated chemistry
US10017878 Growth method of graphene
US10017879 Chemical arrays and methods of using the same
US10017880 Bulked continuous filaments with trilobal cross-section and round central void and spinneret plates producing filament
US10017881 Polyacrylonitrile-based copolymer, polyacrylonitrile-based precursor fiber for carbon fiber, carbon fiber bundles, process for producing stabilized fiber bundles, and process for producing carbon fiber bundles
US10017882 Thread production device
US10017883 Polyester tire cord with excellent dimensional stability and method for manufacturing the same
US10017884 Coated cable for a conveyor system
US10017885 Method and an apparatus for making mineral fibre products
US10017886 Scrim machine
US10017887 System and method for multiple surface water jet needling
US10017888 Sewing data generating apparatus, sewing data generating method, recording medium for storing program, and sewing system
US10017889 Embroidery design connecting data generating apparatus, embroidery design connecting data generating method, recording medium for storing program, and sewing system
US10017890 Sewing machine and control method thereof
US10017891 Needle assembly for use in manufacturing carpeting
US10017892 Washing apparatus and controlling method thereof
US10017893 Methods and compositions for treating laundry items
US10017894 Clean status indicator
US10017895 Drying apparatus and method
US10017896 Control panel for clothes dryer and clothes dryer
US10017897 Method of enhancing efficiency of carbon felts in flow battery through sonication
US10017898 Use of a surfactant composition for the hydrophilic finishing of textile fibers and textile products manufactured therefrom
US10017899 Method to produce a pile textile product and a textile product resulting from the same
US10017900 Apparatus and method for realizing a web of fibrous material
US10017901 Non-woven fabric made with binder system
US10017902 Tie gang ballast replacer-compactor and related methods
US10017903 Industrial mats having side protection
US10017904 Temporary turf marking system
US10017905 Screed assembly for asphalt paving machine
US10017906 Stabilizing composition to stabilize clay land and clay soils, its method of manufacture and stabilization of clay land and clay soils
US10017907 Leveler brush for road construction
US10017908 Floating lake system and methods of treating water within a floating lake
US10017909 Method and apparatus for elevating a marine platform
US10017910 Apparatus and methods for underground structures and construction thereof
US10017911 Municipal solid waste landfill barrier system capable of prolonging breakthrough time of leachate and manufacturing method thereof
US10017912 Work vehicle with improved loader/implement position control and return-to-position functionality
US10017913 Construction machine control system, construction machine, and construction machine control method
US10017914 Excavator four-bar linkage length and angle offset determination using a laser distance meter
US10017915 Support frame for an implement
US10017916 Earth working apparatus
US10017917 Drive device of construction machine
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