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US10018022 Method and apparatus for injecting fluid into spaced injection zones in an oil/gas well
US10018023 Method of microbially assisted water alternating gas injection as a means of enhanced oil recovery by supplementing the immiscible water injection cycle with nutrients to improve oil release in oil-containing rock formations
US10018024 Steam operated injection and production device
US10018025 Hydraulic fracturing system and method
US10018026 System and apparatus for geothermal pyrolysis
US10018027 Natural gas apparatus and method for in-situ processing
US10018028 System and method for surface steerable drilling
US10018029 Method and device using productivity index in drill guidance for drilling slanted water injection wells
US10018030 Condition monitoring of electric motor
US10018031 Apparatus and methods for evaluating systems associated with wellheads
US10018032 Stress calculations for sucker rod pumping systems
US10018033 Downhole distributed sensor arrays for measuring at least one of pressure and temperature, downhole distributed sensor arrays including at least one weld joint, and methods of forming sensors arrays for downhole use including welding
US10018034 Density measurement using a piezoelectric sensor in a non-compressible medium
US10018036 Distributed sensing systems and methods with I/Q data balancing based on ellipse fitting
US10018037 Sampling apparatus
US10018038 Drilling type sidewall coring apparatus
US10018039 Fast-setting retrievable slim-hole test packer and method of use
US10018040 System and methodology for chemical constituent sensing and analysis
US10018041 Tool device for a ground milling machine and ground milling machine having such a tool device
US10018042 Clamped-ring cutter assembly for tunnel boring machine
US10018043 Method for producing a construction element, in particular a tunnel element, having a watertight seal
US10018044 Power integrated system and method for drilling rig and oil/gas production equipment
US10018045 Pneumatic motor for a pneumatic tool
US10018046 Steam turbine
US10018047 Methods of roughing and finishing engine hardware
US10018048 T-shaped platform leading edge anti-rotation tabs
US10018049 Bladed disc
US10018050 Turbomachine rotor blade
US10018051 Gas turbine and mounting method
US10018053 Turbine blade cooling structure
US10018054 Fabrication of gas turbine engine components using multiple processing steps
US10018055 Fan platform
US10018057 Method of mounting a turbine wheel axial retention device
US10018058 Laterally reinforced variable pitch rotor
US10018060 Method of designing guide vane formations
US10018061 Vane tip machining fixture assembly
US10018062 Axial transfer tube
US10018063 Anti-rotation knife edge seals and gas turbine engines including the same
US10018064 Floating panel for a gas powered turbine
US10018065 Flow control device for rotating flow supply system
US10018066 Mini blind stator leakage reduction
US10018067 Suction-based active clearance control system
US10018068 Blade outer air seal with cooling holes
US10018069 Vane arm with inclined retention slot
US10018070 Method for operating a turbomachine, wherein an efficiency characteristic value of a stage is determined, and turbomachine having a device for carrying out the method
US10018071 System for detecting anomalies in gas turbines using audio output
US10018072 Dual trip manifold assembly for turbine systems
US10018073 Method for controlling a bistable shutoff valve for an aircraft engine
US10018074 Turbocompound unit
US10018075 Methods for positioning neighboring nozzles of a gas turbine engine
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