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US10018127 Method and device for adjusting a volumetric efficiency and a charge density in an internal combustion engine
US10018128 Variable-speed supercharger for highly diluted internal combustion engines
US10018129 Method of controlling a dual fuel engine
US10018130 Fuel injector wear compensation methodology by altering injection schedule
US10018131 Fuel vapor processing apparatus
US10018132 Method of operating an internal combustion engine having a turbocharger
US10018133 System and method to extend operating time of valve actuators of an internal combustion engine
US10018134 Method and apparatus for regenerating a lean NOx trap in a turbocharged internal combustion engine
US10018135 Method for controlling engine RPM
US10018136 Method and control system for controlling a marine internal combustion engine
US10018137 Control device for fuel injection system
US10018138 Method for operating a piezo injector
US10018139 Fuel injection device
US10018140 Control device and control method for internal combustion engine
US10018141 Control method and system for fuel injector
US10018142 Auxiliary fuel injector timing driver
US10018143 Methods and system for engine control
US10018144 Methods and system for engine control
US10018145 System and method for in-cylinder thermal energy recovery and controlling cylinder temperature
US10018146 Piston with advanced catalytic energy release
US10018147 Piston for engine
US10018148 Piston with cooling gallery having enhanced oil inlet and method of construction thereof
US10018149 Differential thermodynamic machine with a cycle of eight thermodynamic transformations, and control method
US10018150 Integrated TEC/mixer strut axial position
US10018151 Methods and apparatus to vary reverse thrust of aircraft engines
US10018152 Turbojet engine nacelle including a thrust reversing device with doors, including inner flanks on the sides of an opening
US10018153 Vectored-thrust propulsor
US10018154 Fuel system for bi-fuel vehicle and method of filling bi-fuel vehicle with LPG fuel using the same
US10018155 System and methods for extracting water from a mechanical air conditioning system for water injection
US10018156 Method and system for engine water injection
US10018157 Methods and systems for boost control
US10018158 Evaporative emissions testing based on ambient light amount
US10018159 Fuel vapor processing apparatus
US10018160 Variable capacity, configurable hydrocarbon emissions trap
US10018161 Fuel vapor recovery system
US10018162 Driving device for driving a vehicle as well as method and computer program product for operating this driving device
US10018163 EGR valve assembly
US10018164 Gas compressor pressure relief noise reduction
US10018165 Fuel lines having multiple layers and assemblies thereof
US10018166 Fuel filter of an internal combustion engine and filter element of a fuel filter
US10018167 Combustion chamber assembly with an air swirler and a fuel injector having inter-engaging faces
US10018168 Fuel injector and fuel-injection system
US10018169 Nozzle assembly for a fuel injector, and fuel injector
US10018170 Integrated arrangement of a high-pressure valve and an injection rail
US10018171 Work vehicle start system and method with virtual walk-around for authorizing remote start
US10018172 Providing a boost voltage with a transient operation
US10018173 Method for operating an ignition system and a corresponding ignition system
US10018174 Hydraulic pump/motor
US10018175 Induction consolidation for wind blade fabrication
US10018176 System comprising a vertical turbine with flow guides
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