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US10016130 Eye tracker system and methods for detecting eye parameters
US10016131 Eye tracking system and method to detect the dominant eye
US10016132 Implantable micro-fluidic device for monitoring of intra-ocular pressure
US10016133 Remotely powered sensor with antenna location independent of sensing site
US10016134 Portable device and method of communicating medical data information
US10016135 System for transcutaneous monitoring of intracranial pressure
US10016136 Image relaying cannula with detachable self-aligning connector
US10016137 System and method for simultaneously detecting phase modulated optical signals
US10016138 Method and device for long-term monitoring of arterial vascular stiffness and vascular calcification of a patient
US10016139 Blood pressure measurement apparatus and pulse wave detection method
US10016140 Automated non-magnetic medical monitor using shape memory actuators
US10016141 Apparatus and method of processing a subject-specific value based on beat-to-beat information
US10016142 Systems and methods for nerve mapping and monitoring
US10016144 Biological signal acquisition device and method for acquiring biological signal
US10016145 Far-field vs local activation discrimination on multi-electrode EGMS using vector analysis in multi-dimensional signal space
US10016146 Magnetic particle imaging method
US10016147 Method and system for estimating the specific absorption rate of a tissue region prior to a magnetic resonance imaging scan
US10016148 Method and apparatus for correction of multiple EM sensor positions
US10016149 Handle device and breath analysis device
US10016150 Biological information detection sensor feeding apparatus
US10016151 Apparatus for detecting cells in circulating bloodstream
US10016152 Endoscope system, processor device thereof, and method for controlling endoscope system
US10016153 Photoplethysmographic measurement method and apparatus
US10016154 Placeable sensor and method of using same
US10016155 Liquid sample measurement device with removable lancet or biosensor
US10016156 Systems and methods for detecting blink inhibition as a marker of engagement and perceived stimulus salience
US10016157 Non-transitory computer-readable, detection method, and detection device
US10016158 Rowing force and rowing performance monitoring device
US10016159 Determination of TGF-β pathway activity using unique combination of target genes
US10016160 Wrist band for measuring heart rate of the user
US10016161 Securing device for connecting to a display device
US10016162 In-ear health monitoring
US10016163 Device for determing airway obstructions
US10016164 System and method for monitoring and treating a surface of a subject
US10016165 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
US10016166 Contactless detection method with noise limination for information of physiological and physical activities
US10016168 Implantable medical device with active detection of atrial mechanical activity
US10016169 Physiological parameter measuring platform device supporting multiple workflows
US10016170 Loading mechanism for x-ray tube and scanning system for three-dimensional imaging
US10016171 Radiological imaging device with improved functionality
US10016172 Radioabsorbent assemblies
US10016173 Mobile radiographic apparatus/methods with tomosynthesis capability
US10016175 X-ray diagnostic apparatus and image processing apparatus
US10016176 X-ray image processing apparatus and method, and X-ray imaging apparatus
US10016177 Apparatus and method for calibrating an x-ray image of a knee of a patient
US10016178 Eye imaging apparatus and systems
US10016179 Probe and manufacturing method thereof
US10016180 Ultrasonic image processing device
US10016181 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound three-dimensional image creation method
US10016182 Image processing apparatus, ultrasonic apparatus including the same and method of controlling the same
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