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US10018533 Quick connect testing jig
US10018534 Environmental sampling articles and methods
US10018535 Thin-slice manufacturing device and thin-slice manufacturing method
US10018536 Small volume sampling device
US10018537 Portable device for collecting particles and microorganisms
US10018538 Apparatus for spreading a fluid across a substrate and method of using the same
US10018539 System and method for retrieval treatment of proteins in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue section
US10018540 Clearing agent and mounting media for microscopy
US10018541 Process for sorting cells by microfabricated components using a nuclease
US10018542 Apparatus and method for processing biological samples
US10018543 Purifying an element from a sample matrix for isotopic analysis
US10018544 Electromagnetic multiaxial fatigue testing machine
US10018545 Substrate cleaning apparatus and method executed in the same
US10018546 Propellant gauging at microgravity within the pressure-temperature-density inflection zone of xenon
US10018547 Imaging microviscometer
US10018548 Measurement device, measurement system, and measurement method for measuring particle and gas
US10018550 System and method for analyzing blood cell
US10018551 Devices, systems and methods for detecting particles
US10018552 Particle analysis apparatus, observation apparatus, particle analysis program and particle analysis method
US10018553 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for optical systems in flow cytometers
US10018554 Disposable photometric measurement tip having a capillary filling channel with a capillary filling mechanism
US10018555 Device and method for measuring concentration of etchant
US10018557 Terahertz wave measuring device
US10018558 Distributed acoustic sensing in a multicore optical fiber using distributed mode coupling, delay, and simultaneous pulsing with selectable spatial modes
US10018559 Tissue inspection system with optical fibers and continuous calibration
US10018560 System and method for hyperspectral imaging metrology
US10018561 Diamond ATR artefact correction
US10018562 Biochip including side emitting-type light-emitting device and fabrication method thereof
US10018563 Sample plate and analyzing method
US10018564 Reagent-free identification of bacteria containing resistance genes using a rapid intrinsic fluorescence method
US10018566 Partially encapsulated waveguide based sensing chips, systems and methods of use
US10018567 Methods and apparatus for determination of halohydrocarbons
US10018568 Device for monitoring biofilm
US10018569 Optical fiber communications with composite structural monitoring for determining damaged structure based on the analysis of optical signal
US10018570 Combined surface inspection using multiple scanners
US10018571 System and method for dynamic care area generation on an inspection tool
US10018572 Front quartersphere scattered light analysis
US10018573 Dual-function wafer handling apparatus
US10018574 Optical method and system for defects detection in three-dimensional structures
US10018575 Inspectable black glass containers
US10018576 Material detection and analysis using a dielectric waveguide
US10018577 Methods and systems for imaging bulk motional velocities in plasmas
US10018578 X-ray analysis device
US10018579 System and method for cathodoluminescence-based semiconductor wafer defect inspection
US10018580 Apparatus and method for detecting water or ice
US10018582 Permanent soil and subsoil measurement probe
US10018583 Carbon material supported hollow metal oxide nanoparticles, methods and applications
US10018584 Optimized universal ion-selective electrode
US10018585 Electrolyte concentration measuring apparatus and measuring method using same
US10018586 Electrochemical measurement device
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