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US10018587 Method for determining whether a capillary filled with an electrophoresis medium can be used suitably for electrophoresis
US10018588 Method of measuring pH of analyte solution, and pH measuring device
US10018589 Analysis method and analysis system
US10018590 Capillary electrophoresis for subterranean applications
US10018591 Methods for improving diabetes management
US10018592 Method and apparatus for spatial compression and increased mobility resolution of ions
US10018593 Duel mode ion mobility spectrometer
US10018594 Fixing device for acoustic emission test sensors for rock damage testing
US10018595 Fixing device for acoustic emission test sensors for rock damage testing
US10018596 System and method for monitoring component health using resonance
US10018597 Detection system and detection method
US10018598 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same
US10018599 Capacitive transducer and method of manufacturing the same
US10018600 System for non-destructive inspection of structural components
US10018602 Multicomponent quantitative analysis method using chromatography
US10018603 Two-dimensional liquid chromatography system for heart-cut method
US10018604 Connector unit and connecting system for connecting capillaries, in particular for high-performance liquid chromatography
US10018605 Method for measuring dissolved oxygen of oxygen water
US10018606 Device for detection of a partial pressure and method for its operation
US10018607 Sensing system for detecting a substance in a dialysate
US10018608 System to authenticate and identify items
US10018609 Infrared-based ice formation detection systems and methods
US10018610 Measuring total alkalinity in a recirculating fluid system
US10018611 Soil compaction system and method
US10018612 Ruggedized soil sampler for rough terrain sampling with row cleaning capability
US10018613 Sensing system and method for analyzing a fluid at an industrial site
US10018614 Biologic stability, delivery logistics and administration of time and/or temperature sensitive biologic based materials
US10018615 Three-dimensional electronic scaffold for cardiac applications
US10018616 Charging device for biological information measurement device and biological information measurement device charged using same
US10018617 Carbopyronone compounds useful as diagnostic adjuvants
US10018618 Stabilizied bioactive peptides and methods of identification, synthesis and use
US10018619 Compounds and method of identifying, synthesizing, optimizing and profiling protein modulators
US10018620 Microfluidic tissue model
US10018621 Function homology screening
US10018622 Methods and kits for differential staining of abnormal urinary system cells
US10018623 Molecular probes for ascorbate detection and methods of use
US10018624 Azetidine-substituted fluorescent compounds
US10018625 Use of female mammal's urine for determination of fetal gender related characteristics
US10018626 Methods and compositions for detecting multiple analytes with a single signal
US10018627 Method for sealing substances, method for detecting target molecule, array, kit, and target molecule detection device
US10018628 Method for the detection of H. pylori infection
US10018629 Correlation of disease activity with clonal expansions of human papillomavirus 16-specific CD8+ T-cells in patients with severe erosive oral lichen planus
US10018630 Cancer stem cell isolation
US10018631 Systems and compositions for diagnosing Barrett's esophagus and methods of using the same
US10018632 Microfluidic devices for the capture of biological sample components
US10018633 Multi-aptamer-based, cell-specific, one-step tumor cell detection assays
US10018634 Sensors and assays for ubiquitin or ubiquitin-like proteins
US10018635 Method for analyzing samples of a biological fluid
US10018636 Method for diagnosing fibromyalgia
US10018637 Methods for treating inflammatory and other diseases and the use of biomarkers as predictors of clinical sensitivity to treatment with apremilast
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