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US10018638 Measuring circulating therapeutic antibody, antigen and antigen/antibody complexes using ELISA assays
US10018639 Kits for detecting breast or ovarian cancer in a body fluid sample and use thereof
US10018640 Optical imaging system and methods for using the same
US10018641 Method for quantifying cholesterol in high density lipoprotein 3
US10018642 Methods for detecting fluorescent signals in a biological sample
US10018643 Systems and methods for multi-analysis
US10018644 Cartridge for dispensing a fluid, automatic analyzer and method of analyzing a biological sample
US10018645 Immunodiagnostic test element having weakened foil layer
US10018646 Fiber optic sensor and method for detecting shock wave pressure and mass velocity in solid media
US10018647 Velocity interferometer for any reflector with variable sensitivity range and time resolution
US10018648 Systems, methods, and devices for fluid data sensing
US10018649 Acceleration sensor
US10018650 Rocker device for a micromechanical Z sensor
US10018651 Pitot tube velocimeter system
US10018652 Short contact in a testing apparatus for wireless integrated circuits
US10018653 Kelvin contact assembly in a testing apparatus for integrated circuits
US10018654 Sensor circuit for detecting rotation of an object and method therefor
US10018655 Circuit arrangement and method for current measurement
US10018656 Device, arrangement, and method for measuring a current intensity in a primary conductor through which current flows
US10018657 Current measuring circuit, battery and motor vehicle
US10018658 Class D audio amplifier and method for reading a current supplied by the amplifier
US10018659 Frequency characteristic measurement method
US10018660 Output resistance testing structure
US10018661 Capacitive sensor, method for reading out a capacitive sensor field and method for producing a capacitive sensor field
US10018662 Networked electrostatic discharge measurement
US10018663 Apparatus and method for inspecting electrical equipment of vehicle
US10018664 Phase control device
US10018665 Power conversion apparatus, status detection device, and method for status detection
US10018666 Partial discharge monitoring system and partial discharge monitoring method
US10018667 Method for testing semiconductor dies
US10018668 Kill die subroutine at probe for reducing parametric failing devices at package test
US10018669 Electrical contactor and electrical connecting apparatus
US10018670 Wireless probes
US10018672 Reducing power requirements and switching during logic built-in-self-test and scan test
US10018673 Semiconductor device and current control method of semiconductor device
US10018674 Vmin retention detector apparatus and method
US10018675 Testing an integrated circuit in user mode using partial reconfiguration
US10018676 Electromagnetic switch interlock system and method
US10018677 Motor controller detecting abnormality of power transmission unit between main spindle and motor
US10018678 Method and device for measuring a battery cell current
US10018679 Resistance based method and system to assess vehicle component integrity
US10018680 Semiconductor device, battery monitoring system, and method for activating semiconductor device
US10018681 Cell manufacturing using liquid-based thermal system
US10018682 Battery management system for a battery having a plurality of battery cells, and method therefor
US10018683 Apparatus and method for estimating open circuit voltage
US10018684 Sensor device
US10018685 Method for operating a magnetic field detector circuit and a magnetic field detector circuit
US10018686 Ultra-low noise sensor for magnetic fields
US10018687 Integrated fluxgate magnetic sensor and excitation circuitry
US10018688 Method and apparatus for detecting magnetic saturation in AMR sensors
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