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US10018689 Electronic devices
US10018690 Phantom based MR field mapping of the polarizing magnetic field
US10018691 Correction of imaging methods in a magnetic resonance device
US10018692 Shutting assembly for closing an entrance of an MRI device
US10018693 Radiofrequency coils
US10018694 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system and method
US10018695 Optogenetic magnetic resonance imaging
US10018696 Magnetic lensing for beta emission imaging
US10018697 Method for estimating a GRAPPA reconstruction kernel
US10018698 Magnetic resonance rapid parameter imaging method and system
US10018699 Method and magnetic resonance apparatus for acquiring magnetic resonance data with a prospective motion correction
US10018700 Correcting for main magnetic field inhomogeneity in MRI scanners
US10018701 Remote sensing to derive calibrated power measurements
US10018702 Method and communication apparatus for validating a data content in a wirelessly received communication signal, and use of the communication apparatus
US10018703 Method for stop sign law enforcement using motion vectors in video streams
US10018704 Snooping sensor STA or neighbor AP ranging and positioning in wireless local area networks
US10018705 Radio communication apparatus and beam controlling method
US10018706 System for ultrasound localization of a tool in a workspace, corresponding method and program product
US10018707 Automated cancellation of harmonics using feed forward filter reflection for radar transmitter linearization
US10018708 Measuring device and a measuring method especially for the measurement of FMCW signals
US10018709 Radar target detection via multi-dimensional cluster of reflectors
US10018710 Object detection device
US10018711 System and method for field calibrating video and lidar subsystems using independent measurements
US10018712 Method for improved ultrasonic detection
US10018713 Radar system for motor vehicles, and motor vehicle having a radar system
US10018714 Two-dimensional RF harmonic imaging system and algorithm
US10018715 Radar sensor for motor vehicles
US10018716 Systems and methods for calibration and optimization of frequency modulated continuous wave radar altimeters using adjustable self-interference cancellation
US10018717 Electromagnetic search and identification, in near field arenas
US10018718 Artifact reduction within a SAR image
US10018719 Systems and associated methods for producing a 3D sonar image
US10018720 Adaptive optical sensor for container presence and motion
US10018721 Ruggedized packaging for linear distance measurement sensors
US10018722 Measurement apparatus
US10018723 Dual-axis scanning mirror
US10018724 System and method for scanning a surface and computer program implementing the method
US10018725 LIDAR imaging system
US10018726 Integrated illumination and detection for LIDAR based 3-D imaging
US10018727 System and method of sharing vehicle location information, and computer readable medium recording the method of sharing vehicle location information
US10018728 Navigation satellite system positioning with enhanced satellite-specific correction information
US10018729 Selected aspects of advanced receiver autonomous integrity monitoring application to kalman filter based navigation filter
US10018730 Method and apparatus for determining a position of a GNSS receiver
US10018731 Processor for a radio receiver
US10018732 Information processing apparatus and information processing system
US10018733 Portable and wearable composite dosimeter
US10018734 Detector pack and X-ray CT apparatus
US10018735 CE3+ activated luminescent compositions for application in imaging systems
US10018736 One-stage preamplifier with intrinsic pulse shaping
US10018737 Method of processing a particle spectrum
US10018738 Inductive radiation detector
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