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US10018739 Curved vacuum cassette assembly for imaging applications
US10018740 Coupling device for seismic sensors
US10018741 Systems and methods for sensor streamer tangle detection
US10018742 Skid structure for underwater seismic exploration
US10018743 Deep towed seismic source string
US10018744 Foreign object detection in wireless energy transfer systems
US10018745 Monitoring the dipole moment vector of an airborne electromagnetic survey system
US10018746 Restorable antennae apparatus and system for well logging
US10018747 Measurement while drilling system and method
US10018748 Inline density and fluorescence spectrometry meter
US10018749 Distributed optical sensors for acoustic and vibration monitoring
US10018750 Display substrate with pixel units in a matrix array and display device
US10018751 Spatial positioning of photon emitters in a plasmonic illumination device
US10018752 Diffusion sheet, backlight module and liquid crystal display device
US10018753 Light diffusion sheet for organic electroluminescent element and organic electroluminescent panel
US10018754 Sheet-form transparent molding, transparent screen comprising same, and image projection device comprising same
US10018755 Light diffusion member and display device
US10018756 Display apparatus and electronic device
US10018757 Multilayer polymeric reflector
US10018758 Single-sensor hyperspectral imaging device
US10018759 Plastic substrate having a porous layer and method for producing the porous layer
US10018760 Optical film
US10018761 Compensation film and method of manufacturing the same
US10018762 Patterned marking of multilayer optical film by thermal conduction
US10018763 Transparent display device
US10018764 Illumination of optical analytical devices
US10018765 Edge lighted backlight unit for liquid crystal display device
US10018766 Light guide plate, backlight module and display device
US10018767 Illumination device with at least one main emission surface having a stepped surface configured to reflect light in multiple directions
US10018768 Light guide plate assembly, side-type backlight source module and display device
US10018769 Light guide plate and method of producing the same
US10018770 Lighting device for vehicles
US10018771 Display backlight unit having multiple light guide plates, and method of manufacturing
US10018772 Position-limiting structure for backlight module, backlight module and display device
US10018773 Backlight module and display device
US10018774 Backlight unit, display device, and method of manufacturing the display device
US10018775 Backlight module and display device
US10018776 Illumination device, illumination equipment, and display device
US10018777 Circuit board and lighting device and board housing module having the circiut board
US10018778 Liquid crystal display device
US10018779 Bending-insensitive single-mode fiber with ultra low attenuation
US10018780 Doping optimized single-mode optical fiber with ultra low attenuation
US10018781 Fluid control structure
US10018782 Optical fiber stripping methods and apparatus
US10018783 Fan-out joint for fiberoptic cables
US10018784 Fiber-optic device and process for manufacturing the device
US10018785 Optical fiber modal distribution conditioner
US10018786 Resonator and optical sensor using the same for detecting a beating signal caused by interference of two output beams from first and second resonators
US10018787 Multi-channel optical wavelength division multiplexing/demultiplexing (WDM) assembly and methods
US10018788 Photonic interposer with wafer bonded microlenses
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