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US10018789 Method and apparatus for coupling optical waveguide to single-mode fiber
US10018790 Combined-wave (multiplexing) laser beam source
US10018791 Multi-channel optical subassembly and method of manufacturing the same
US10018792 Extension device for transceiver
US10018793 Connector
US10018794 Optical module and manufacturing method thereof
US10018795 Plug for connection to a socket of a panel of an electronic equipment housing having anti-breakage means for the optical cable on which the plug is mounted
US10018796 Optical fiber ribbon assemblies with improved ribbon stack coupling
US10018797 Cable pulling assembly having a cable connector and a pulling device
US10018798 Fiber drop cable assembly for outdoor and indoor routing
US10018799 Optical bridge between exterior and interior networks
US10018800 Lens driving apparatus
US10018801 Lens barrel and imaging device
US10018802 Cooling a digital micromirror device
US10018803 Device and method for controlling positioning of multiple adjustable mirror elements in a multi-mirror arrangement
US10018804 Apparatus and method for multiple mode image acquisition for iris imaging
US10018805 Lens module
US10018806 Imaging lens, and electronic apparatus including the same
US10018807 Optical image capturing system
US10018808 Photographing module and electronic device
US10018809 Image capturing optical lens system
US10018810 Curable composition, cured product thereof, optical member and optical device
US10018811 Imaging lens and imaging apparatus
US10018812 Imaging lens and imaging device
US10018813 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same
US10018814 Zoom optical system, optical device and method for manufacturing the zoom optical system
US10018815 Beam focusing and reflective optics
US10018817 Adaptive optics for imaging through highly scattering media in oil reservoir applications
US10018818 Structured standing wave microscope
US10018819 Light sheet illumination microscope which illuminates a sample from a direction substantially perpendicular to a detection axis, while reducing likelihood of creating shadows
US10018820 Digital microscope having a click stop
US10018822 Laser microscope apparatus including photodetector having a plurality of detection elements and an adjusting mechanism for adjusting the beam diameter
US10018823 Force-feedback control device and method for digital microscope
US10018824 Temporal compressive sensing systems
US10018825 Microscope monitoring device and system thereof
US10018826 Microscope system
US10018827 Objective optical system for endoscope
US10018828 Electrowetting display device with stable display states
US10018829 Electrowetting element and liquid
US10018830 High damage threshold broadband laser shutter
US10018831 Method for the production of stretchable and deformable optical elements, and elements thus obtained
US10018832 MEMS optical scanner
US10018833 MEMS device and electronic device having projector function
US10018834 Apparatus and method for foci array scanning through an adjusting refractive medium
US10018835 Projective MEMS device for a picoprojector of the flying spot type and related manufacturing method
US10018836 Geodetic instrument with diffractive optical elements
US10018838 Aging compensation for virtual reality headset display device
US10018839 Display device, head-mounted display, display method, display program and storage medium
US10018841 Multi-display head-up display device
US10018842 Heads-up display for a motor vehicle, motor vehicle with a heads-up display, and method for arranging a heads-up display in a motor vehicle
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