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US10018894 Lens carrier, method for manufacturing a lens carrier, device for manufacturing a lens carrier, and camera system
US10018895 Projector, projector monitoring system, and projector monitoring method
US10018896 Projector having a notch and fitting mechanism therein
US10018897 Projector suspension device
US10018898 Projector having an electro-optical device encased in a heat dissipating mounting case
US10018899 Discharge lamp driver, light source apparatus, projector, and discharge lamp driving method
US10018900 Illumination device and image display apparatus
US10018901 Tensioned projection screen assembly
US10018902 Projector light source and system, including configuration for display of 3D using passive viewing glasses
US10018903 Stereoscopic light recycling device and method of construction thereof
US10018904 EUV mask and method for manufacturing same
US10018905 Phase shift blankmask and photomask
US10018906 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
US10018907 Method of operating a microlithographic projection apparatus
US10018908 Pattern forming method
US10018909 Imprint apparatus and method of manufacturing article
US10018910 Imprint apparatus, alignment method, and method of manufacturing article
US10018911 Chemically amplified resist material and resist pattern-forming method
US10018912 Photosensitive resin composition, wavelength conversion substrate and light emitting device
US10018913 Active-light-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, pattern forming method, and method for manufacturing electronic device
US10018914 Hardmask composition and method of forming patterns using the hardmask composition
US10018915 Pattern forming method
US10018916 Photolithography for making electrochemical measurements
US10018917 Illumination optical unit for EUV projection lithography
US10018918 Method for adjusting a projection objective
US10018919 System and method for fabricating metrology targets oriented with an angle rotated with respect to device features
US10018920 Lithography patterning with a gas phase resist
US10018921 Lithographic apparatus and a device manufacturing method
US10018922 Tuning of optical projection system to optimize image-edge placement
US10018923 Lithography apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
US10018924 Substrate holder, lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and method of manufacturing a substrate holder
US10018925 Lithographic apparatus, drying device, metrology apparatus and device manufacturing method
US10018926 Lithographic apparatus and method of manufacturing a lithographic apparatus
US10018927 Electroconductive member for electrophotography, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
US10018928 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, method of producing electrophotographic photosensitive member, and process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus each including the electrophotographic photosensitive member
US10018929 Image forming apparatus and image forming system
US10018930 Toner comprising colorant wax dispersion
US10018931 Toner compositions with optimized beta-carboxyethyl acrylate shell latex for improved particle formation and morphology
US10018932 Electrostatic latent image developing toner
US10018933 Electrostatic latent image developing toner
US10018934 Electrophotographic member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
US10018935 Conductive member for electrophotographic machine
US10018936 Image forming apparatus
US10018937 Soluble support material for electrophotography-based additive manufacturing
US10018938 Network system comprising customer replaceable unit
US10018939 Electrophotographic or electrostatic recording type image forming apparatus
US10018940 Developer storage container and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
US10018941 Cleaning device, and image forming apparatus and process unit incorporating same
US10018942 Developing device and image forming apparatus
US10018943 Developing sleeve and developing device
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