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US10018944 Drive transmission mechanism and image forming apparatus therewith
US10018945 Image processing apparatus having image heating portions that can perform decoloring processing independently
US10018946 Fixing device that fixes images of decolorable and non-decolorable materials
US10018947 Image forming apparatus and fuser driving control method
US10018948 Fixing device
US10018949 Image forming apparatus
US10018950 Image forming apparatus with switching rotational direction of developer carrier in correspondence with inner temperature
US10018951 Image forming apparatus with controllable velocity ratio between image and developer bearing members
US10018953 Image processing apparatus
US10018954 Image forming apparatus and power supply method
US10018955 Power supply circuit and image forming apparatus
US10018956 Cleaning blade
US10018957 Systems and methods for reusing imaging gears
US10018958 Misattachment prevention device for image forming unit, image forming unit and image forming apparatus
US10018959 Image forming apparatus
US10018960 Developing cartridge including electric contact surface
US10018961 Image forming apparatus having a rotatable development carrying member disposed in a particular relation to a developer supply roller
US10018962 Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus including the same
US10018963 Control system for a timepiece
US10018965 Method for attachment of a balance spring for a mechanical timepiece movement and balance spring attached by such a method
US10018966 Cover member for an input mechanism of an electronic device
US10018967 Magnetic and/or electrostatic pivot
US10018968 Solar skeleton watch
US10018969 Timer based on chemical sensing
US10018970 Time-to-digital system and associated frequency synthesizer
US10018971 Controller for controlling a micromechanical actuator, in particular a micromirror, control system, micromirror system, and method for controlling a micromechanical actuator
US10018972 Economic optimization of power generation system with alternative operating modes
US10018973 Arrangement with an electromotive furniture drive and a data device; method for establishing a communication connection between the electromotive furniture drive and the data device; and a corresponding furniture drive
US10018974 Device for altering processing of a signal during processing of the signal, method for processing a signal and tangible storage medium
US10018975 Home network control system for controlling devices in a home network and the control method thereof
US10018976 Method and apparatus for determining an optimal separation medium for electrophoresis
US10018977 History-based key phrase suggestions for voice control of a home automation system
US10018978 Electronic operator interface based controller and device automatic downloads
US10018979 Device and method for detection and/or diagnosis of faults in a processes, equipment and sensors
US10018980 Controlling a process with sensor information
US10018981 Monitoring removal of an automation control panel
US10018982 Transponder key testing device and method of testing a transponder key
US10018983 PLC system and arithmetic-expression-data-creation supporting apparatus
US10018984 Method and system for controlling the machining of a part by a portable automatic machining apparatus
US10018985 Computer numerical control assembly or processing of components
US10018986 Mass flow control for a conveyor system
US10018987 Numerical controller executing operation by a movement command and table-format data
US10018988 Positioning device
US10018989 Method of evaluating a machined surface of a workpiece, a controlling apparatus and a machine tool
US10018990 Numerical controller including DNC operation unit
US10018991 Numerical controller with function of preventing erroneous input of tool offset data
US10018992 Numerical control device
US10018994 Method for designing a high sensitivity integrated computational element
US10018995 Method and apparatus for optimizing performance of robotic cell
US10018996 Method and system for enhancing the yield in semiconductor manufacturing
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