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US10016183 Biopsy specimen carrier
US10016184 Biopsy device with automatic biopsy parameter adjustment
US10016185 Diagnosis and treatment of tissue
US10016186 Surgical instrument and system
US10016188 Closure device for sealing percutaneous opening in a vessel
US10016189 Surgical rib retractor and methods thereof
US10016190 Medical devices and related methods of use
US10016191 Method and apparatus for distracting a joint
US10016192 Suture for connecting a human or animal tissue, soft anchor and method for attaching a tissue to a bone
US10016193 Multiple-firing crimp device and methods for using and manufacturing same
US10016194 Devices and methods for continuous surgical suturing
US10016195 Suture leader
US10016196 Tapered looped suture
US10016197 Fasteners, deployment systems, and methods for ophthalmic tissue closure and fixation of ophthalmic prostheses and other uses
US10016198 Staples for generating and applying compression within a body
US10016199 Polarity of hall magnet to identify cartridge type
US10016200 Balloon bailout and bioadhesive delivery device for suture based closure and methods
US10016201 Vascular plug
US10016202 Surgical clip applier with articulation section
US10016203 Tourniquet and method of use
US10016204 Mill head for a bone mill, the mill head having a floating cutting disc and an alignment feature for positioning the cutting disc so the disc will engage the drive spindle
US10016205 Bi-directional reamer assembly
US10016206 Expandable surgical devices and methods for making and using them
US10016207 Medical manipulator
US10016208 Cutting tips for ultrasonic surgical system
US10016209 System and method for driving an ultrasonic handpiece as a function of the mechanical impedance of the handpiece
US10016210 Steerable guidewire and method of use
US10016211 Expandable tip assembly for thrombus management
US10016212 Cutting balloon with connector and dilation element
US10016213 Mantle tube and treatment tool
US10016214 Access system for endoscopic operations
US10016215 Surgical access device
US10016216 Surgical protective device for a surgical sealing element and surgical sealing system
US10016217 Apparatus and methods to install, support and/or monitor performance of intraosseous devices
US10016219 Functional uterine manipulator
US10016220 Adjustable magnetic devices and methods of using same
US10016221 Expandable rod system to treat scoliosis and method of using the same
US10016222 Circumferential vertebral column fixation system
US10016224 Anterior cervical plate
US10016225 Bi-directional fixating transvertebral body screws, zero-profile horizontal intervertebral miniplates, total intervertebral body fusion devices, and posterior motion-calibrating interarticulating joint stapling device for spinal fusion
US10016226 Noninvasive device for adjusting fastener
US10016227 Methods for percutaneously extending an existing spinal construct
US10016228 Mixing device with operating element and pressure pump for mixing polymethylmethacrylate bone cement
US10016229 Methods and systems for treatment of occipital neuralgia
US10016230 System and method for a physiochemical scalpel to eliminate biologic tissue over-resection and induce tissue healing
US10016231 Medical apparatus
US10016232 Systems, devices, and methods for signal generation
US10016233 Treatment of atrial fibrillation using high-frequency pacing and ablation of renal nerves
US10016234 Flex tip fluid lumen assembly with thermal sensor
US10016235 Endoscope system having first transmission and reception electrodes, second transmission and reception electrodes and electrically powered treatment device powered to perform treatment
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