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US10019100 Method for operating a touch sensitive user interface
US10019101 Touch-sensing display panel module which improves sensing ability using reset unit and readout unit and related driving method
US10019102 Touch screen and terminal
US10019103 In-cell touch for LED
US10019104 Array substrate, display pannel, and display device with pressure sensing electrode block embedded therein
US10019105 Display panel and touch-control force detection method
US10019106 Touch screen panel
US10019107 Correcting for parallax in electronic displays
US10019108 Touch processing method and electronic device for supporting the same
US10019109 Enhancing touch-sensitive device precision
US10019110 Mesh patterns for touch sensor electrodes
US10019111 Electrostatic capacitance-type input device and input device-attached electro-optical apparatus
US10019112 Touch panels with dynamic zooming and low profile bezels
US10019113 Tomographic processing for touch detection
US10019114 Display device including digitizer
US10019115 Method and apparatus for contactlessly detecting indicated position on reproduced image
US10019116 Display device with adhesive layer and resin layer and manufacturing method therefor
US10019117 Position detecting device and projector
US10019118 Optical signal output apparatus, signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, imaging apparatus, and projector
US10019119 Touch sensitive device with stylus support
US10019120 Touch panel including metal mesh and display device including metal mesh
US10019121 Display device
US10019122 Capacitive sensing using non-integer excitation
US10019123 Touch substrate, touch display panel and touch display apparatus having the same, and fabricating method thereof
US10019124 Touch window
US10019125 Fast multi-touch noise reduction
US10019126 Touch window and display including the same
US10019127 Remote display area including input lenses each depicting a region of a graphical user interface
US10019128 Systems and methods for providing a virtual appliance in an application delivery fabric
US10019129 Identifying related items associated with devices in a building automation system based on a coverage area
US10019130 Zero parallax drawing within a three dimensional display
US10019131 Two-handed object manipulations in virtual reality
US10019132 Image processing apparatus for selecting printing operations using a sliding operation for scrolling a list of icons
US10019133 Unified computing device interface for assembly of a plurality of types of digital content for transmission to a plurality of target destinations
US10019134 Edit processing apparatus and storage medium
US10019136 Image sharing device, apparatus, and method
US10019137 Electronic document display
US10019139 System and method for content size adjustment
US10019140 One-handed zoom
US10019141 Information processing apparatus, information display program, and information display method for controlling a cursor position in a text region and a display region
US10019142 Input device and user interface interactions
US10019143 Determining a principal image from user interaction
US10019144 Organizer for data that is subject to multiple criteria
US10019145 Command user interface for displaying and scaling selectable controls and commands
US10019146 Snap points including ranges
US10019147 Tilting to scroll
US10019148 Method and apparatus for controlling virtual screen
US10019149 Systems and methods for implementing retail processes based on machine-readable images and user gestures
US10019150 Method and apparatus for controlling cursor in portable device
US10019151 Method and apparatus for managing user interface elements on a touch-screen device
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