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US10019152 Mobile terminal with a touch screen that displays a plurality of pages
US10019153 Scrapbooking digital content in computing devices using a swiping gesture
US10019154 Method, apparatus and computer program product for operating items with multiple fingers
US10019155 Touch control panel for vehicle control system
US10019156 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
US10019157 Modifying key size on a touch screen based on fingertip location
US10019158 Determination of a read voltage to be applied to a page based on read voltages of other pages
US10019159 Systems, methods and devices for management of virtual memory systems
US10019160 Controller and data storage device including the same
US10019161 Out of order memory command fetching
US10019162 Storage device managing nonvolatile memory differently depending on tendency of interruption of power supply
US10019163 Policy based storage in a heterogeneous storage environment
US10019164 Parallel computer, migration program and migration method
US10019165 Congestion mitigation in a distributed storage system
US10019166 Wear leveling in solid state devices
US10019168 Method and system for multicasting data to persistent memory
US10019169 Data storage apparatus, data control apparatus, and data control method
US10019170 Controlling timing and edge transition of a delayed clock signal and data latching methods using such a delayed clock signal
US10019171 Systems and methods for decoupling host commands in a non-volatile memory system
US10019172 Hybrid drive caching in a backup system with SSD deletion management
US10019173 Memory system and operating method thereof
US10019174 Read operation delay
US10019175 Managing program access to data storage resources
US10019176 Smart memory buffers
US10019177 System updates with personal virtual disks
US10019178 Method and related device for determining management mode of shared virtual memory page
US10019179 Memory device that writes data into a block based on time passage since erasure of data from the block
US10019180 Snapshot data operation request processing
US10019181 Method of managing input/output(I/O) queues by non-volatile memory express(NVME) controller
US10019182 Management system and management method of computer system
US10019183 On-demand snapshot and prune in a data storage system
US10019184 Amortized snapshots
US10019185 System and method for copying directory structures
US10019186 Data maintenance method for error control and data storage device using the same
US10019187 Nonvolatile memory module and operating method for the same
US10019188 Storage devices, memory systems and operating methods to suppress operating errors due to variations in environmental conditions
US10019189 Storage management apparatus, storage apparatus management method, and computer-readable recording medium
US10019191 System and method for protecting contents of shared layer resources
US10019192 Policy-based hierarchical data protection in distributed storage
US10019193 Checkpointing a journal by virtualization of non-volatile random access memory
US10019194 Eventually consistent synchronous data replication in a storage system
US10019195 Storage array health score
US10019196 Efficient enforcement of command execution order in solid state drives
US10019197 Semiconductor system and operating method thereof
US10019198 Method and apparatus for processing sequential writes to portions of an addressable unit
US10019199 Controller coupled to semiconductor memory device and operating method thereof
US10019200 Ordering a plurality of write commands associated with a storage device
US10019201 Reservations over multiple paths over fabrics
US10019202 Autonomic configuration of storage systems for virtualization
US10019203 Method and system for processing write requests
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