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US10019204 Print control device, printing system, and print control method
US10019206 Information processing apparatus that transmits data to a printing apparatus using a hybrid application program, information processing method, and storage medium storing program
US10019207 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and non-transitory computer-readable medium configured to generate a control job for occupying communication with a peripheral device
US10019208 User terminal apparatus and status information displaying method thereof
US10019209 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
US10019210 Print system that reduces transmission failure of instruction execution type print job and recording medium
US10019211 Image reading apparatus and image reading method
US10019212 Printing apparatus that decompresses and updates software installed therein, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
US10019213 Composition control method for remote application delivery
US10019214 Wearable computer using programmed local tag
US10019215 Signal controlling method and display panel utilizing the same
US10019216 Information processing terminal and control method thereof
US10019217 Visual focus-aware techniques for visualizing display changes
US10019218 Multi-display power-up animation systems and methods
US10019219 Display device for displaying multiple screens and method for controlling the same
US10019220 Control method and apparatus thereof
US10019221 Method and apparatus for concurrently presenting different representations of the same information on multiple displays
US10019222 Method for obtaining music data, earphone and music player
US10019223 Soft decision audio decoding system
US10019224 Electronic device and method of operating the same
US10019225 Audio streaming based on in-automobile detection
US10019226 Real time indication of previously extracted data fields for regular expressions
US10019227 Accuracy-conserving floating-point value aggregation
US10019229 Calculation control indicator cache
US10019231 Apparatus and method for fixed point to floating point conversion and negative power of two detector
US10019232 Apparatus and method for inhibiting roundoff error in a floating point argument reduction operation
US10019233 Semiconductor device, position detection device, and control method of semiconductor device
US10019234 Methods and apparatus for sequencing multiply-accumulate operations
US10019235 Quantum random number generators
US10019236 SRAM-based true random number generator
US10019238 Compositional entity modeling systems and methods
US10019239 Systems and methods for enhancing software products through integrated development environment running on host computer
US10019240 Method and apparatus for detecting code change
US10019241 Extendable framework for developing applications
US10019242 User interface engine for Miniapp development
US10019243 Packaging system to facilitate declarative model-driven development
US10019244 Interpreting program code using a symbol table
US10019245 Resolving an initialization order of static objects
US10019246 Device, method, and system for installing and managing applications in a handheld device
US10019247 Systems and methods for application installation platforms
US10019248 System and method for service matching of instant message software
US10019249 Techniques for minimally invasive application updates and data transfer
US10019250 Forcibly completing upgrade of distributed software in presence of failures
US10019251 Secure packaging software and deployment system
US10019252 Virtualizing installers
US10019253 Systems and methods of updating hot-pluggable devices
US10019255 Incremental software deployment in a service environment
US10019256 Systems and methods for incremental software development
US10019257 Parallel development of a software system
US10019258 Hardware assisted software versioning of clustered applications
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