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US10019259 Code transformation using extensibility libraries
US10019260 Fingerprint units comparing stored static fingerprints with dynamically generated fingerprints and reconfiguring processor settings upon a fingerprint match
US10019261 Multi-magnitudinal vectors with resolution based on source vector features
US10019262 Vector store/load instructions for array of structures
US10019263 Reordered speculative instruction sequences with a disambiguation-free out of order load store queue
US10019264 System and method for contextual vectorization of instructions at runtime
US10019266 Selectively performing a single cycle write operation with ECC in a data processing system
US10019267 Method and apparatus for controlling unlocking of electronic device based on operation mode of another electronic device
US10019268 Vehicle mount computer with configurable ignition switch behavior
US10019269 Standalone automation device and a machine
US10019270 Enhanced computer performance based on selectable device capabilities
US10019271 Dynamic runtime data collection and performance tuning
US10019272 Virtual appliance manager
US10019273 Virtual environment manager
US10019274 Menu bar integration in desktop virtualization environments
US10019275 Hypervisor context switching using a trampoline scheme in processors having more than two hierarchical privilege levels
US10019276 Dynamic non-uniform memory architecture (NUMA) locality for remote direct memory access (RDMA) applications
US10019277 Triggering application attachment based on state changes of virtual machines
US10019278 Framework for network technology agnostic multi-cloud elastic extension and isolation
US10019279 Transparent secure interception handling
US10019280 Technologies for dynamically managing data bus bandwidth usage of virtual machines in a network device
US10019281 Handoff of virtual machines based on security requirements
US10019282 Virtual machine exit processing accelerator
US10019283 Predicting a context portion to move between a context buffer and registers based on context portions previously used by at least one other thread
US10019284 Method for performing transactions on data and a transactional database
US10019285 Natural language conversation-based programming
US10019286 Time critical tasks scheduling
US10019287 Virtual machine resource display
US10019288 Fast and stable mechanism for allocating contiguous memory
US10019289 Multi-layer QoS management in a distributed computing environment
US10019291 Determining resource utilization by one or more tasks
US10019292 Method for executing a comprehensive real-time computer application by exchanging time-triggered messages among real-time software components
US10019293 Enhanced command selection in a networked computing environment
US10019294 Method of achieving intra-machine workload balance for distributed graph-processing systems
US10019295 Method and system for managing and linking software applications
US10019296 Addressable dispatchers in distributed computing
US10019297 Systems and methods for implementing bulk handling in asynchronous processing
US10019298 Middleware interface and middleware interface generator
US10019299 V2X communication apparatus for verifying reliability of V2X data, system including the V2X communication apparatus, and method for verifying reliability of V2X data
US10019300 Live error recovery
US10019301 Information processing device, and control method and storage medium
US10019302 Workflow engine for troubleshooting user device issues
US10019303 Method for error monitoring, control and data transmission installation and control device
US10019304 Providing an application interface programming exception in an upper management layer
US10019305 Internet-based diagnostic assistant for device analysis
US10019306 Collision detection for slave storage devices
US10019308 Disaster-proof event data processing
US10019309 Analytics-based dynamic adaptation of client-server mobile applications
US10019310 Error correction in multiple semiconductor memory units
US10019311 Validation of a symbol response memory
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