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US10019312 Error monitoring of a memory device containing embedded error correction
US10019313 Flash channel with selective decoder likelihood dampening
US10019314 Flash memory apparatus and storage management method for flash memory
US10019315 Control device for a storage apparatus, system, and method of controlling a storage apparatus
US10019316 Managing distributed system performance using accelerated data retrieval operations
US10019317 Parity protection for data chunks in an object storage system
US10019318 Storage optimization of pre-allocated units of storage
US10019319 Electronic device and storage initialization method
US10019320 Systems and methods for distributed atomic storage operations
US10019321 Unique identifiers for data replication, migration, failover operations and failback operations
US10019322 Template-based remote/local file selection techniques for modular backup and migration
US10019323 Method and system for container data recovery in a storage system
US10019324 Data transfer and recovery
US10019325 Virtual device backend recovery
US10019326 Memory system
US10019327 System and method for hybrid kernel- and user-space incremental and full checkpointing
US10019329 In-line backup power source incorporating communication capability
US10019330 Providing fault tolerance in a virtualized computing environment through a migration approach based on resource availability
US10019331 Memory allocation and recovery strategies for byte-addressable non-volatile RAM (NVRAM)
US10019332 Non-volatile memory with program failure recovery
US10019333 Methods, systems, and computer readable media for emulating network devices with different clocks
US10019334 Apparatus and methods for monitoring one or more portable data terminals
US10019335 Systems and methods for processing test results
US10019336 Natural language based capturing of user interface interactions
US10019337 Class object handle tracking
US10019338 User interface with real-time visual playback along with synchronous textual analysis log display and event/time index for anomalous behavior detection in applications
US10019339 Sequentially constructive model of computation
US10019340 On-demand profiling based on event streaming architecture
US10019341 Using hardware performance counters to detect stale memory objects
US10019342 Data flow programming of computing apparatus with vector estimation-based graph partitioning
US10019343 Kernel tracing in a protected kernel environment
US10019344 Computer implemented system and method and computer program product for a test framework for orchestration workflows
US10019345 Executing multi-version tests against a multi-version application
US10019346 Generating software test script from video
US10019347 Systems and methods for selection of test cases for payment terminals
US10019348 Semiconductor device including circuit configured to be in resting state
US10019349 Cache memory and method of managing the same
US10019350 Dram and method for accessing a dram
US10019351 Booting an application from multiple memories
US10019352 Systems and methods for adaptive reserve storage
US10019354 Apparatus and method for fast cache flushing including determining whether data is to be stored in nonvolatile memory
US10019356 Reconstruct drive for dynamic resizing
US10019357 Supporting atomic accumulation with an addressable accumulator
US10019358 Bank address remapping to load balance memory traffic among banks of memory
US10019359 Optimized read processing
US10019360 Hardware predictor using a cache line demotion instruction to reduce performance inversion in core-to-core data transfers
US10019361 Low-layer memory for a computing platform
US10019362 Systems, devices and methods using solid state devices as a caching medium with adaptive striping and mirroring regions
US10019363 Persistent memory versioning and merging
US10019364 Access-based eviction of blocks from solid state drive cache memory
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