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US10019365 Adaptive value range profiling for enhanced system performance
US10019366 Satisfying memory ordering requirements between partial reads and non-snoop accesses
US10019369 Apparatuses and methods for pre-fetching and write-back for a segmented cache memory
US10019370 Probabilistic associative cache
US10019371 Data caching using local and remote memory
US10019372 Caching sensing device data in data storage device
US10019373 Memory management method for supporting shared virtual memories with hybrid page table utilization and related machine readable medium
US10019374 Implementing barriers to efficiently support cumulativity in a weakly-ordered memory system
US10019375 Cache device and semiconductor device including a tag memory storing absence, compression and write state information
US10019376 Memory system and operating method thereof
US10019377 Managing cache coherence using information in a page table
US10019378 Addressing recent strings with ring buffer
US10019379 Translation lookaside buffer switch bank
US10019380 Providing memory management functionality using aggregated memory management units (MMUs)
US10019381 Cache control to reduce transaction roll back
US10019382 Secondary data structures for storage class memory (scm) enables main-memory databases
US10019383 Rotatable-key encrypted volumes in a multi-tier disk partition system
US10019384 Memory tamper detection
US10019385 Method and apparatus of real-time retimer delay measurement
US10019386 Interface detection circuit
US10019387 Reference voltage calibration using a qualified weighted average
US10019388 Enhanced initialization for data storage assemblies
US10019389 Memory controller and memory access method
US10019390 Using memory cache for a race free interrupt scheme without the use of “read clear” registers
US10019391 Preventing software thread blocking due to interrupts
US10019393 Interruption facility for adjunct processor queues
US10019394 Handling interrupts in a multi-processor system
US10019395 Processing system with stack management and method for stack management
US10019396 Systems and methods for adaptive interrupt coalescing in a converged network
US10019397 Real-time data acquisition using chained direct memory access (DMA) channels
US10019398 System with solid state drive and control method thereof
US10019399 System for designing network on chip interconnect arrangements
US10019400 Additional secured execution environment with SR-IOV and xHCI-IOV
US10019401 Virtualized target channel adapter
US10019402 Flexible NVME drive management solution via multiple processor and registers without multiple input/output expander chips
US10019403 Mapping data locations using data transmissions
US10019404 Accessing method for accessing hybrid hard-disk drive
US10019405 Apparatus and method for transmitting serial ATA information
US10019406 Radio frequency front end devices with masked write
US10019408 Remote direct memory access (RDMA) high performance producer-consumer message processing
US10019409 Extending remote direct memory access operations for storage class memory access
US10019410 Method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for parallelization of a computer program on a plurality of computing cores
US10019411 Techniques for compressing a large distributed empirical sample of a compound probability distribution into an approximate parametric distribution with scalable parallel processing
US10019412 Dissociative view of content types to improve user experience
US10019413 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for providing a dynamic loupe for displayed information
US10019414 Method and device for processing web page content
US10019415 System and method for consistent cross-platform text layout
US10019416 Computing device and corresponding method for generating data representing text
US10019417 Hyperlink destination visibility
US10019418 Efficient XML interchange profile stream decoding
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