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US10019529 Identifying webpages accessible by unauthorized users via URL guessing or network sniffing
US10019530 ID tag authentication system and method
US10019531 System and method for displaying, connecting and analyzing data in an online collaborative webpage
US10019532 Systems, devices, and/or methods for managing messages
US10019533 Method for regulating usage of a browser store for a web browser featuring tabbed web page viewing based on browser activity
US10019534 Server infrastructure for digital plaque displaying certificates, updates and status
US10019535 Template-free extraction of data from documents
US10019536 Snapshot-consistent, in-memory graph instances in a multi-user database
US10019537 System and method for data search in a graph database
US10019538 Knowledge representation on action graph database
US10019539 Partitioning of a network using multiple poles for each part thereof
US10019540 System and method for layout-related variation analysis
US10019541 Methods for estimating formation pressure
US10019542 Scoring a population of examples using a model
US10019543 Converting finite element models to CAD models using feature recognition
US10019544 System and method for creating reusable geometry sequences for multiphysics modeling
US10019545 Simulation scheme including self heating effect
US10019546 Modular system on chip configuration system
US10019547 Guide pattern data correcting method, pattern forming method, and computer readable record medium
US10019548 Method of generating modified layout and system therefor
US10019549 Method of designing a common preform for providing preforms for turbine engine outlet guide vanes of different geometrical profiles and made out of composite material
US10019550 Optical processing
US10019551 Generating a patient-specific orthopaedic surgical plan from medical image data
US10019552 Systems and methods for remote patient monitoring and storage and forwarding of patient information
US10019553 Systems and methods for virtually integrated care delivery
US10019554 Glycemic risk determination based on variability of glucose
US10019555 Interactive respiratory device usage tracking system
US10019556 EPID attestation using RFID
US10019557 Method, systems, and apparatus for fragmented file sharing
US10019558 Controlling licensable features of software using access tokens
US10019559 Method, system and device for aggregating data to provide a display in a user interface
US10019560 Password authenticating device for preventing leakage of passwords
US10019561 Systems and methods for continuous biometric authentication
US10019562 Biometric authentication matching using grip detection
US10019563 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
US10019564 Authentication of a device
US10019565 Method of authenticating integrated circuits using optical characteristics of physically unclonable functions
US10019566 Authorizing robot use and/or adapting physical control parameters for a robot
US10019567 Encoding of security codes
US10019568 Detecting generation of virtual machine authentication
US10019569 Dynamic patching for diversity-based software security
US10019570 Protection and communication abstractions for web browsers
US10019571 Protection from side-channel attacks by varying clock delays
US10019572 Detecting malicious activities by imported software packages
US10019573 System and method for detecting executable machine instructions in a data stream
US10019574 Systems and methods for providing dynamic file system awareness on storage devices
US10019575 Evaluating malware in a virtual machine using copy-on-write
US10019576 Security control system for protection of multi-core processors
US10019577 Hardware hardened advanced threat protection
US10019578 Correlating a task with a command to perform a change ticket in an IT system
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