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US10019579 Embedded controller for safety booting and method thereof
US10019580 Integrity checking for computing devices
US10019581 Identifying stored security vulnerabilities in computer software applications
US10019582 Detecting application leaks
US10019583 Method and apparatus for performing protected walk-based shadow paging using multiple stages of page tables
US10019584 Performance of image forming functions based on encrypted data stored in volatile memory
US10019585 Encryption recommendation method and encryption recommendation device
US10019586 Authentication method and system
US10019587 System and method for generating application control rules
US10019588 Systems and/or methods for enabling cooperatively-completed rules-based data analytics of potentially sensitive data
US10019589 Generating search results for people
US10019590 Secure mobile phone document storage application
US10019591 Low-latency media sharing
US10019592 Tiered application permissions
US10019593 Access control system for implementing access restrictions of regulated database records while identifying and providing indicators of regulated database records matching validation criteria
US10019594 Pattern for secure store
US10019595 System and method for providing sensitive information access control
US10019596 Collision avoidance in a distributed tokenization environment
US10019598 Dynamic service discovery
US10019599 Limiting applications execution time
US10019600 Information processing apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, and storage medium
US10019601 Method and apparatus for securely saving and restoring the state of a computing platform
US10019602 System and method for improved security for a processor in a portable computing device (PCD)
US10019603 Secured memory system and method therefor
US10019604 Method and apparatus of verifying terminal and medium
US10019605 Systems, methods and apparatus for secure peripheral communication
US10019606 Method and apparatus for storage of data for manufactured items
US10019607 Manipulation-proof card reader with a covering hood which has a back-moulded double-layered conductor track foil
US10019608 Method and device for phase calibration with active load modulation
US10019609 Container for a cosmetic product having a given period after opening and cartridge for such a container
US10019610 Scanner, scanning apparatus and scanning method for a shelf
US10019611 Communication device and system
US10019612 System and method to detect an event associated with a person relative to a bed
US10019613 Wireless RFID-based hand sensory apparatus with contextual antenna selection
US10019614 Image capture device capable of forming aiming pattern according to shape of grating, and electronic apparatus including same
US10019615 Fingerprint identification apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
US10019616 Biometrics authentication device and biometrics authentication method
US10019617 Biometrics authentication device and biometrics authentication method
US10019618 Biometric information correcting apparatus and biometric information correcting method
US10019619 Biometrics authentication device and biometrics authentication method
US10019620 Methods and devices for reading microarrays
US10019621 Identifying a vehicle using a mobile device
US10019622 Face alignment with shape regression
US10019623 Systems and methods for providing timely and relevant social media updates from persons related to a person of interest in a video simultaneously with the video
US10019624 Face recognition system and face recognition method
US10019625 Wearable camera for reporting the time based on wrist-related trigger
US10019626 Method for authenticating a security element, and optically variable security element
US10019627 Method and apparatus for authentication of a 3D structure
US10019628 Incentivizing foodstuff consumption through the use of augmented reality features
US10019629 Skeleton-based action detection using recurrent neural network
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