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US10019630 Dynamic classification system for sports analysis
US10019631 Adapting to appearance variations when tracking a target object in video sequence
US10019632 Remote surveillance sensor apparatus
US10019633 Multi-to-multi tracking in video analytics
US10019634 Method and apparatus for an eye tracking wearable computer
US10019635 Vehicle-mounted recognition device
US10019636 Object detection apparatus
US10019637 Method and system for moving object detection with single camera
US10019638 Face image capturing device and driver condition determination device
US10019639 Determining a boundary associated with image data
US10019640 Intelligent automatic license plate recognition for electronic tolling environments
US10019641 Background OCR during card data entry
US10019642 Image upsampling system, training method thereof and image upsampling method
US10019643 Measurement apparatus and program
US10019645 Image processing apparatus and method, and electronic equipment
US10019646 Method for object recognition and/or verification on portable devices
US10019647 Dispenser
US10019648 Image classification based on camera-to-object distance
US10019649 Point cloud simplification
US10019650 Computer architecture for emulating an asynchronous correlithm object processing system
US10019651 Robust shape prediction for face alignment
US10019652 Generating a virtual world to assess real-world video analysis performance
US10019653 Method and system for predicting personality traits, capabilities and suggested interactions from images of a person
US10019654 Image object recognition
US10019655 Deep-learning network architecture for object detection
US10019656 Diagnostic system and method for biological tissue analysis
US10019657 Joint depth estimation and semantic segmentation from a single image
US10019658 Identifying visual storm signatures from satellite images
US10019659 Image forming system, data processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, recording medium and display method
US10019660 Method of printing user form document, image forming apparatus using the method, and computer-readable recording medium
US10019661 Print control apparatus, and print control method for selectively rasterizing print data
US10019662 System and method for electronically tagging items for use in controlling electrical devices
US10019664 Chip card sleeve
US10019665 UHF RFID wristband with a long read range
US10019666 Counting bar-shaped products based upon acquired images
US10019667 Transform for a neurosynaptic core circuit
US10019668 Scheduling neural network processing
US10019669 Unsupervised, supervised and reinforced learning via spiking computation
US10019670 Systems and methods for creating and implementing an artificially intelligent agent or system
US10019671 Learning mobility user choice and demand models from public transport fare collection data
US10019672 Generating responses to electronic communications with a question answering system
US10019674 Machine learning apparatus and coil producing apparatus
US10019675 Actuals cache for revenue management system analytics engine
US10019676 System to optimize the mailing of construction notices, legal notices, and other documents based on batches and/or deadline determinations
US10019678 Evaluating business components in an enterprise
US10019679 Management apparatus and management method of information processing apparatus
US10019680 System and method for distributed rule-based sequencing engine
US10019681 Multidimensional recursive learning process and system used to discover complex dyadic or multiple counterparty relationships
US10019682 Unauthorized vehicle detection
US10019683 Facilitating the negotiation of standards for inter-enterprise collaboration between trading partners
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