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US10019684 Adaptive enterprise workflow management system
US10019685 Emergency department information system
US10019687 System and method for automated handling of a workflow in an automation and/or electrical engineering project
US10019688 System and methods for the selection, monitoring and compensation of mentors for at-risk people
US10019689 Association-based product design
US10019690 Intellectual-productivity analysis apparatus and program
US10019691 Methods for tracking and analyzing automotive parts transaction data, and automatically generating and sending at a pre-determined frequency comprehensive reports thereof
US10019692 Systems and methods for providing proactive regulatory compliance services for packages potentially containing regulated goods and being transported in a package delivery network
US10019693 Warehouse rack space optimization
US10019694 RFID read system for verifying the contents of items in tray pockets
US10019695 Computerized systems and methods for scheduling, and sending individualized electronic invites to, a compound meeting
US10019696 Distributed digital rights-managed file transfer and access control
US10019697 System and method for flexible payment terms
US10019698 Merchant cash advance payment deferrals
US10019699 Methods for adjusting near field communications circuitry during mobile payment transactions
US10019701 Email payment gateway for E-commerce
US10019702 Techniques for retail printing
US10019703 Verifying a secure connection between a network beacon and a user computing device
US10019704 Personal point of sale
US10019705 Display device and controlling method thereof
US10019706 Method and apparatus for providing a toll service and flexible toll device
US10019707 Transaction card mode related to locating a transaction card
US10019708 Utilizing phrase tokens in transactions
US10019709 System of anonymous user creation based on oblivious transfer
US10019710 System, method and article of manufacture to facilitate a financial transaction without unlocking a mobile device
US10019711 Processing of online payment transactions
US10019713 Apparatus and method for verifying transactions using voice print
US10019714 Systems and methods for providing card account controls and purchase impact information
US10019715 Systems and methods for personalized customer messages
US10019716 Method for feedback submission resolution
US10019717 Prioritizing threads for agent routing
US10019718 Customer-based associate interfaces
US10019719 Systems for authorization of reward card transactions
US10019720 Client-side dynamic page feed management
US10019721 Classification system and method
US10019722 Poll-based networking system
US10019723 Systems and methods for providing a redeemable commerce object
US10019724 Method and system for providing offers for automated retail machines via mobile devices
US10019725 Systems and methods for providing offers using a mobile device
US10019726 Supplemental analysis module for invitational content
US10019727 System and method for managing message campaign data
US10019728 Predicting advertisement impact for campaign selection
US10019729 Systems and methods for programmatic testing to determine user attention for advertisements
US10019730 Reverse brand sorting tools for interest-graph driven personalization
US10019731 Tracking user conversions across mobile applications and browsers
US10019732 Providing relevant non-requested content to a mobile device
US10019733 Method and apparatus for providing a collaborative reply over an ad-hoc mesh network
US10019734 Method and system for continuous, dynamic, adaptive recommendation based on a continuously evolving personal region of interest
US10019735 Advertisement distribution apparatus, distribution method, and distribution program
US10019736 Systems and methods for identifying household users of electronic screen devices
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