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US10019737 Image processing device and method
US10019738 Arrangement and method for fitting rooms
US10019739 Energy usage alerts for a climate control device
US10019740 System and methods of an expense management system based upon business document analysis
US10019741 Methods and systems for a personal multimedia content archive
US10019742 Configurable online 3D catalog
US10019743 Methods and systems for auto expanding vendor selection
US10019744 Multi-dimensional behavior device ID
US10019745 Transaction arbiter system and method
US10019746 Microsites architecture
US10019747 Enhancing a user's shopping experience
US10019748 Building insulation auditing system
US10019749 Enhanced shopping and merchandising methodology
US10019750 Methods, devices, and computer program products for customer operated coupon tracking
US10019751 Systems and methods for prioritizing local shopping options
US10019752 Shopping mall system, terminal, method, and medium for estimating that warning information has been read
US10019753 System and method for interactive, computer-assisted object presentation
US10019754 Live auctioning system and methods
US10019755 Data categorization/itemization using smart matching technology
US10019756 Systems and methods for throttling transaction processing based on constrained sub-systems
US10019757 Total structural risk model
US10019758 Systems and methods for providing a customizable spreadsheet application interface for an electronic trading system
US10019759 Real-time probability determination based on technical indicators in a financial instrument environment
US10019760 System for utilizing a retirement score to receive benefits
US10019761 System and method for virtual inspection of a structure
US10019762 System and method for identifying idling times of a vehicle using accelerometer data
US10019763 Extension ledger
US10019764 Work management system and work management method
US10019765 Determining and providing feedback about communications from an application on a social networking platform
US10019766 Method, medium, and system for enabling gift card transactions
US10019767 Computerized system and method for real estate searches and procurement
US10019768 Systems and methods for tracking, marketing, and/or attributing interest in one or more real estate properties
US10019769 Systems and methods for location fencing within a controlled environment
US10019770 System and method for generating and transmitting data without personally identifiable information
US10019771 Method and system for enabling after-hours vehicle pick up
US10019772 Document image orientation, assessment and correction
US10019773 Authentication and validation of smartphone imagery
US10019775 Method and system for scalable, radiation-tolerant, space-rated, high integrity graphics processing unit
US10019776 Techniques for maintaining atomicity and ordering for pixel shader operations
US10019777 Scalable high performance 3D graphics
US10019778 Systems and methods for orchestrating external graphics
US10019779 Browsing interface for item counterparts having different scales and lengths
US10019780 Data transfer method, data transfer module, related display panel and method for driving the same, and related display device
US10019781 Image processing of objects and a background
US10019782 Method and apparatus for displaying content
US10019783 Test piece analyzing apparatus and test piece analyzing method
US10019784 Medical image processing apparatus and method
US10019785 Method of processing high dynamic range images using dynamic metadata
US10019786 Image-processing apparatus and image-processing method
US10019787 Regional dimming for power savings
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