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US10019788 Machine-learning measurements of quantitative feature attributes
US10019789 Quality assurance system for radiation therapy equipment, and quality assurance method thereof
US10019790 Fill level indicator for an automated unloading system
US10019791 Apparatus and methods for estimating corn yields
US10019792 Examination device, examination method, and computer program product
US10019793 Test system and test method
US10019794 Method and apparatus for breast lesion diagnosis
US10019795 Focal spot de-blurring
US10019796 System and method for blood vessel analysis and quantification in highly multiplexed fluorescence imaging
US10019797 Rendering expanded lumen image
US10019798 Image processing apparatus and reconstruction condition setting method
US10019799 Method for determining collateral information describingthe blood flow in collaterals, medical imaging device, computer program and electronically readable data medium
US10019800 Deployment modelling
US10019801 Image analysis system and method
US10019802 Graphics processing unit
US10019803 Store shelf imaging system and method using a vertical LIDAR
US10019804 Medical image processing apparatus, method, and program
US10019805 Detecting vehicle movement through wheel movement
US10019806 Determining x,y,z,t biomechanics of moving actor with multiple cameras
US10019807 Method and device for detecting connected pixels in image
US10019808 Methods, computer programs, non-transitory computer readable storage mediums, and apparatus for inspecting objects
US10019809 Underwater 3D image reconstruction utilizing triple wavelength dispersion and camera system thereof
US10019810 Method, system and apparatus for determining a depth value of a pixel
US10019811 Image processing apparatus and method for estimating an error in registration between images
US10019813 Embroidery region detection apparatus, embroidery region detection method, recording medium for storing program, and embroidery design layout system
US10019814 Method, apparatus and system for determining a luma value
US10019815 Methods and systems for image differentiated multiplex assays
US10019816 Systems and methods for decoding image files containing depth maps stored as metadata
US10019817 Example-based edge-aware directional texture painting
US10019818 Concurrent forward- and back-projection iterative reconstruction system
US10019819 Imaging system and methods displaying a fused multidimensional reconstructed image
US10019820 Method of and apparatus for processing graphics
US10019821 Apparatus and method for constructing indoor map using cloud point
US10019822 Integrated infrastructure graphs
US10019823 Combined composition and change-based models for image cropping
US10019824 Annotation of images based on a 3D model of objects
US10019825 Karaoke avatar animation based on facial motion data
US10019826 Real-time high-quality facial performance capture
US10019827 Material point method for simulation of granular materials
US10019828 Image generating apparatus, image generating system, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
US10019829 Graphics library extensions
US10019830 Method and apparatus for rendering same regions of multi frames
US10019831 Integrating real world conditions into virtual imagery
US10019832 Method of generating and traversing acceleration structure
US10019833 Luggage visualization and virtual unpacking
US10019834 Real-time rendering of volumetric models with occlusive and emissive particles
US10019835 Digital map rendering method
US10019836 Planar depth representations for block compression
US10019837 Visualization alignment for three-dimensional scanning
US10019838 Human body three-dimensional imaging method and system
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