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US10019891 Smoke detector for distinguishing between an alarm condition and a nuisance condition
US10019892 Risk assessing and managing system and related method
US10019893 Apparatus for wireless transmission of control data
US10019894 Remote controlling a plurality of controllable devices
US10019895 Method and system for detecting frequent lane changes of moving vehicles
US10019896 Methods and systems for determining information relating to the operation of traffic control signals
US10019897 Lighting apparatus for infrared camera system comprising array of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
US10019898 Systems and methods to detect vehicle queue lengths of vehicles stopped at a traffic light signal
US10019899 Method and device for determining a pickup position from multiple pickup positions for a vehicle incorporated by a parking facility
US10019900 Communication method and server for reconfiguration of a dynamic map
US10019901 Vehicular traffic alerts for avoidance of abnormal traffic conditions
US10019902 Enhanced sound generation for quiet vehicles with vehicle-to-vehicle communication capabilities
US10019903 System and method for informing nearby vehicle to avoid a moving vehicle which is malfunctioning
US10019904 System for identifying high risk parking lots
US10019905 Aircraft holding pattern analysis system and method
US10019907 Unmanned aerial vehicle obstacle detection and avoidance
US10019908 Systems and methods for delivering sensory input during a dream state
US10019909 Freeform mathematical parsing and grading method and system
US10019910 Dynamic and individualized scheduling engine for app-based learning
US10019911 Computer-assisted method and computer system for teaching piano
US10019912 Providing information to a user through somatosensory feedback
US10019913 Information encryption system and information encryption method using optical character recognition
US10019914 In-mold labels and a labeled container
US10019915 Merchandise labeling
US10019916 Decorative element for medical devices
US10019917 Sign holder and sign for a chair
US10019918 In-band tear detection system
US10019919 Processing apparatus, command generation method and storage medium
US10019920 Display module detection device
US10019921 Data driver and display device having the same
US10019922 Display device that adjusts the level of a reference gamma voltage used for generating a gamma voltage
US10019923 Shift register and driving method thereof, gate driving circuit, display apparatus
US10019924 Semiconductor display device
US10019925 Electronic device capable of displaying and performing color compensation and color compensation method
US10019926 Adaptive calibration and adaptive transformation matrices for ambient light sensors
US10019927 Display device and driving method thereof suppressing power voltage ripples
US10019928 Method and device for obtaining mura compensation value, and display panel
US10019929 Gate drive circuit and display device using the same
US10019930 Shift register unit, gate driver circuit and display panel
US10019931 Electronic paper display apparatus and driving method thereof
US10019932 Method for writing display data, display apparatus and mobile terminal including the display apparatus
US10019933 El display apparatus
US10019935 Light emitting device and method of driving the light emitting device
US10019936 Organic light emitting display
US10019937 Flexible display device
US10019938 Organic light emitting diode pixel driving circuit and display device
US10019939 Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
US10019940 Devices and methods for providing access to internal component
US10019941 Compensation technique for luminance degradation in electro-luminance devices
US10019942 Data driver and organic light emitting diode display device using the same
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