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US10019994 Systems and methods for recognizing textual identifiers within a plurality of words
US10019995 Methods and systems for language learning based on a series of pitch patterns
US10019996 Orienting a microphone array to a user location
US10019997 Method and apparatus for quantisation index modulation for watermarking an input signal
US10019998 Detecting distorted audio signals based on audio fingerprinting
US10019999 Data processing method and system
US10020000 Method and apparatus for improved ambisonic decoding
US10020001 Efficient DRC profile transmission
US10020002 Gain parameter estimation based on energy saturation and signal scaling
US10020003 Voice signal processing apparatus and voice signal processing method
US10020004 Listening to the frontend
US10020005 Noise detection device, noise detection method, and noise detection program
US10020006 Systems and methods for speech processing comprising adjustment of high frequency attack and release times
US10020007 Conversation analysis device, conversation analysis method, and program
US10020010 Near-field heat transfer enabled nanothermomechanical memory and logic devices
US10020011 Devices including an amorphous gas barrier layer
US10020012 Data storage drive with low-latency ports coupling multiple servo control processors
US10020013 Aligned shingled writing for magnetic recording media and media having shingle edge positioned tracks
US10020014 Segmented magnetic recording write head for detection-based servo pattern writing
US10020015 Magnetic medium having multilayered servo layer and method of forming the same
US10020016 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
US10020017 Hard disk drive and head positioning method
US10020018 DSD decoder and audio system
US10020019 Information processing device and information processing method
US10020020 Switching period control of microwave assisted magnetic recording for pole erasure suppression
US10020021 Asynchronous asymmetry compensation for data read from a storage medium
US10020022 Multitrack recording system with wireless LAN function
US10020023 Method, apparatus and system for playing audio synchronously
US10020024 Smart gallery and automatic music video creation from a set of photos
US10020025 Methods and systems for customizing immersive media content
US10020027 Disk device and method of manufacturing disk device
US10020028 Data processing device
US10020029 Voltage scaling-up circuit and bulk biasing method thereof
US10020030 Semiconductor apparatus capable of improving efficiency for a circuit configuration and a signal line interconnection
US10020031 Location-based optimization for memory systems
US10020033 Indirect register access method and system
US10020034 Systems, methods, and devices for parallel read and write operations
US10020035 Reception circuit
US10020036 Address bit remapping scheme to reduce access granularity of DRAM accesses
US10020037 Capacity register file
US10020038 Apparatuses and methods for controlling wordlines and sense amplifiers
US10020039 Three terminal magnetoresistive devices, magnetoresistive random access memory and magnetic recording method
US10020040 Semiconductor memory device
US10020041 Self-referenced sense amplifier with precharge
US10020042 CMOS analog memories utilizing ferroelectric capacitors
US10020044 High-density magnetic memory device
US10020045 Partial access mode for dynamic random access memory
US10020046 Stack refresh control for memory device
US10020047 Static random access memory (SRAM) write assist circuit with improved boost
US10020048 Integrated circuit including embedded memory device for performing dual-transient word line assist using triple power source and device having the same
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