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US10020049 Six-transistor static random access memory cell and operation method thereof
US10020050 Local bit line-sharing memory device and method of driving the same
US10020051 Stack capacitor for neural network
US10020052 Resistive memory device and memory system including the same
US10020053 Multi-level phase change device
US10020054 Memristor-based processor integrating computing and memory and method for using the processor
US10020055 Semiconductor memory device
US10020056 Methods and apparatuses including a string of memory cells having a first select transistor coupled to a second select transistor
US10020057 Semiconductor memory device and operating method thereof with a connection control transistor operation voltage adjusted
US10020058 Memory as a programmable logic device
US10020059 Switchable impedance drivers and related systems and methods
US10020060 Asymmetric pass field-effect transistor for nonvolatile memory
US10020061 Memory system and operating method thereof
US10020062 Three dimensional semiconductor memory device and sub-block erasing methods
US10020063 Memory system performing read of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
US10020064 Dynamic reference current sensing using multiple reference cells
US10020065 Corruption-preventative programming in solid-state data storage
US10020066 Systems and methods for sub-zero threshold characterization in a memory cell
US10020067 Integrated circuits and methods for dynamic allocation of one-time programmable memory
US10020068 Multiplexer distortion cancellation
US10020069 Fully differential output swing for analog array based charge mode readout used in a CMOS image sensor
US10020070 Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same
US10020071 Test mode setting circuit and semiconductor device including the same
US10020072 Detect developed bad blocks in non-volatile memory devices
US10020073 Memory device and operating method thereof
US10020074 Nonvolatile storage circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
US10020076 Personal assistant computing system monitoring
US10020077 Pressurized water reactor with upper vessel section providing both pressure and flow control
US10020078 Composite fuel rod cladding
US10020079 Core of light water reactor and fuel assembly
US10020080 Nuclear reactor nozzle repair method
US10020081 Nuclear control rod position indication system
US10020083 Supported radiation protective garment
US10020084 System and method for processing spent nuclear fuel
US10020085 Isotope-specific separation and vitrification
US10020086 Method and apparatus for the production of lead 212 for medical use
US10020087 Highly reflective crystalline mosaic neutron monochromator
US10020088 Copper-alloy plate for terminal/connector material, and method for producing copper-alloy plate for terminal/connector material
US10020089 Conductive polymer composite and substrate
US10020090 Conductive particles, method of manufacturing the same, conductive resin composition containing the same, and conductive coated object
US10020091 Conductive composite, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic device including same
US10020092 Insulated wire and method of producing the same
US10020093 Terminal-equipped coated wire
US10020094 Hybrid conductor core
US10020095 Coaxial cable
US10020096 Shielded wire harness and method for manufacturing the same
US10020097 R-T-B rare earth sintered magnet and method of manufacturing the same
US10020098 Production method for permanent magnet, and production device for permanent magnet
US10020099 Rare earth based magnet
US10020100 R-T-B-based alloy powder and method for producing same, and R-T-B-based sintered magnet and method for producing same
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