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US10020153 Method for determining a cause of a voltage outage load-side from a circuit breaker, auxiliary unit for a circuit breaker, electric system comprising a circuit breaker and one such auxiliary unit
US10020154 Trip bar stop
US10020155 Electrical switching apparatus comprising a switching mechanism and at least one auxiliary module
US10020156 Resonant enhancement of photoionization of gaseous atoms
US10020157 X-ray source, high-voltage generator, electron beam gun, rotary target assembly, rotary target, and rotary vacuum seal
US10020158 Transmitting-type target and X-ray generation tube provided with transmitting-type target
US10020159 Multi charged particle beam writing method and multi charged particle beam writing apparatus
US10020160 Charged particle beam device
US10020161 Charged particle system and methods for irradiating a planning target volume
US10020162 Beam alignment method and electron microscope
US10020163 Charged particle beam apparatus, specimen observation system and operation program
US10020164 Charged particle beam apparatus
US10020165 Multi charged particle beam writing method, and multi charged particle beam writing apparatus
US10020166 Alignment and registration targets for charged particle beam substrate patterning and inspection
US10020167 Plasma processing apparatus
US10020168 Systems and methods for increasing efficiency of delivered power of a megahertz radio frequency generator in the presence of a kilohertz radio frequency generator
US10020169 Etching device and etching method
US10020170 Chemistry compatible coating material for advanced device on-wafer particle performance
US10020172 Plasma processing apparatus, plasma processing method and storage medium for storing program for executing the method
US10020173 Chromatograph mass analysis data processing apparatus
US10020174 Methods and devices for parallel analysis of ion mobility spectrum and mass spectrum
US10020175 Multiple oil-emission measuring device for engines
US10020176 Surface extraction interface
US10020177 Piezo-electric vibration on an in-source surface ionization structure to aid secondary droplet reduction
US10020178 System and method for matrix-coating samples for mass spectrometry
US10020179 Focusing ion guiding apparatus and mass spectrographic analysis apparatus
US10020180 Modular ion generator device
US10020181 Time-of-flight mass spectrometer
US10020182 Digital wireless data collection
US10020183 Edge roughness reduction
US10020184 Method for cleaning substrate
US10020185 Composition for forming silica layer, silica layer, and electronic device
US10020186 Silicon germanium selective oxidation process
US10020187 Apparatus and methods for backside passivation
US10020188 Method for depositing ALD films using halide-based precursors
US10020189 Growing a III-V layer on silicon using aligned nano-scale patterns
US10020190 Nano-heterostructure
US10020191 Method for characterizing carbon nanotubes by using scanning electron microscope
US10020192 Method for forming polysilicon
US10020193 Method for laser annealing with laser beam radiated via through hole
US10020194 Laser annealing device, production process of polycrystalline silicon thin film, and polycrystalline silicon thin film produced by the same
US10020195 Chemical amplification methods and techniques for developable bottom anti-reflective coatings and dyed implant resists
US10020196 Methods of forming etch masks for sub-resolution substrate patterning
US10020197 Method for reducing porogen accumulation from a UV-cure chamber
US10020198 Semiconductor structure having low-k spacer and method of manufacturing the same
US10020199 Porous tin oxide films
US10020200 Patterned atomic layer etching and deposition using miniature-column charged particle beam arrays
US10020201 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
US10020202 Fabrication of multi threshold-voltage devices
US10020203 Epitaxial silicon wafer
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