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US10020260 Corrosion and/or etch protection layer for contacts and interconnect metallization integration
US10020261 Split rail structures located in adjacent metal layers
US10020262 High resolution solder resist material for silicon bridge application
US10020263 Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof
US10020264 Integrated circuit substrate and method for manufacturing the same
US10020265 Semiconductor structure and fabricating method thereof
US10020267 2.5D electronic package
US10020268 Random number generator device and control method thereof
US10020269 Devices and methods related to electrostatic discharge protection benign to radio-frequency operation
US10020270 Semiconductor device including a LDMOS transistor, monolithic microwave integrated circuit and method
US10020271 Calibration kits for RF passive devices
US10020272 Electronic component package
US10020273 Semiconductor devices and methods of forming the same
US10020274 Solder particle
US10020275 Semiconductive packaging device and manufacturing method thereof
US10020277 Circuit substrate and method for manufacturing circuit substrate
US10020278 Method for positioning a semiconductor chip on a carrier and method for material-fit bonding of a semiconductor chip to a carrier
US10020279 Semiconductor device including built-in crack-arresting film structure
US10020280 Method of manufacturing a carrier tape
US10020281 Metal bonding pads for packaging applications
US10020282 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, heat insulating load jig, and method for setting up heat insulating load jig
US10020283 Direct metal bonding method
US10020284 Functional spacer for SIP and methods for forming the same
US10020285 Method of producing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
US10020286 Package on package devices and methods of packaging semiconductor dies
US10020287 Pass-through interconnect structure for microelectronic dies and associated systems and methods
US10020288 Semiconductor chips including redistribution interconnections and related semiconductor packages
US10020289 Layout of transmission vias for memory device
US10020290 Semiconductor device having stacked semiconductor chips interconnected via TSV
US10020291 LED light emitting device
US10020292 Optoelectronic semiconductor component and flashlight
US10020293 Transferring method, manufacturing method, device and electronic apparatus of micro-LED
US10020294 Device with light emitting diodes
US10020295 Semiconductor device comprising a plurality of drivers formed in different active regions having all source regions, drain regions of a plurality of MOSFETs connected together
US10020296 Semiconductor device
US10020297 Semiconductor module
US10020298 ESD protection device
US10020299 Electrostatic discharge protection using a guard region
US10020301 Array substrate and manufacturing method for the same
US10020302 Half-bridge circuit, H-bridge circuit and electronic system
US10020303 Methods for forming FinFETs having epitaxial Si S/D extensions with flat top surfaces on a SiGe seed layer
US10020304 Fin field effect transistor, semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
US10020305 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
US10020306 Spacer for trench epitaxial structures
US10020307 Integrated circuit structure including laterally recessed source/drain epitaxial region and method of forming same
US10020308 Thyristor memory cell with assist device
US10020309 Semiconductor device
US10020310 Memory device and fabricating method thereof
US10020311 Semiconductor memory device provided with DRAM cell including two transistors and common capacitor
US10020312 Static random access memory
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