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US10020364 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
US10020365 Graphene device and method of fabricating a graphene device
US10020366 Removal of basal plane dislocations from silicon carbide substrate surface by high temperature annealing and preserving surface morphology
US10020367 Silicon carbide semiconductor device
US10020368 Silicon carbide semiconductor element and manufacturing method thereof
US10020369 Dual channel trench LDMOS transistors with drain superjunction structure integrated therewith
US10020370 Ring-type field effect transistor for terahertz wave detection, which uses gate metal as antenna
US10020371 Contact techniques and configurations for reducing parasitic resistance in nanowire transistors
US10020372 Method to form thicker erase gate poly superflash NVM
US10020373 Semiconductor device
US10020374 Field-effect transistor, semiconductor memory display element, image display device, and system
US10020375 Tungsten gates for non-planar transistors
US10020376 Sidewall passivation for HEMT devices
US10020377 Electronic devices
US10020378 Self-aligned spacer for cut-last transistor fabrication
US10020379 Method for forming semiconductor device structure using double patterning
US10020380 Power device with high aspect ratio trench contacts and submicron pitches between trenches
US10020381 Embedded bottom metal contact formed by a self-aligned contact process for vertical transistors
US10020382 Method of manufacturing low temperature poly-silicon array substrate, array substrate, and display panel
US10020383 Preserving the seed layer on STI edge and improving the epitaxial growth
US10020384 Forming a fin using double trench epitaxy
US10020385 Memory cell and manufacturing method thereof
US10020386 High-voltage and analog bipolar devices
US10020387 Method for manufacturing a bipolar junction transistor
US10020388 Insulated gate bipolar transistor including charge injection regions
US10020389 Normally off gallium nitride field effect transistors (FET)
US10020390 Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
US10020391 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
US10020392 Diode, junction field effect transistor, and semiconductor device
US10020393 Laterally diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor and manufacturing method thereof
US10020394 Extended drain metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor
US10020395 Semiconductor device with gate inside U-shaped channel and methods of making such a device
US10020396 Integrated circuit devices and methods of manufacturing the same
US10020397 Bottle-neck recess in a semiconductor device
US10020398 Stress induction in 3D device channel using elastic relaxation of high stress material
US10020400 Airgap spacers
US10020401 Methods for straining a transistor gate through interlayer dielectric (ILD) doping schemes
US10020402 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing of the same
US10020403 Semiconductor device
US10020404 Vertical flash memory and forming method thereof
US10020405 Microelectronics package with integrated sensors
US10020406 Protective film for solar cell and solar cell comprising the same
US10020407 Cooling structure for photoelectric conversion element
US10020408 System of architecture and related built-in nanomembranes for the emitter of a light-to-electricity all-silicon converter for the giant photoconversion and the method of its manufacture
US10020409 Method for producing a conductive reflective film
US10020410 Solar tiles and arrays
US10020411 Retaining system for installing a photovoltaic module
US10020412 Module assembly for thin solar cells
US10020413 Fabrication of a local concentrator system
US10020414 Solar cell and manufacturing method therefor
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