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US10020415 Device incorporating an oxide film and method of fabricating the same
US10020416 Radiation sensor, method of forming the sensor and device including the sensor
US10020417 Photovoltaic module having printed PV cells connected in series by printed conductors
US10020418 Simplified process for vertical LED manufacturing
US10020419 Four-element light emitting diode with transparent substrate and preparation method
US10020420 Repairing method, manufacturing method, device and electronic apparatus of micro-LED
US10020421 Optoelectronic component
US10020422 Mesa shaped micro light emitting diode with bottom N-contact
US10020423 Light emitting semiconductor device
US10020424 Display substrate having improved manufacturability
US10020425 Light-emitting diode and method for manufacturing same
US10020426 Light emitting device
US10020427 Phosphor, manufacturing method therefor, and light-emitting device using the phosphor
US10020428 White light emitting device having high color rendering
US10020429 Conversion LED with high color rendition index
US10020430 Phosphor with preferred orientation, fabricating method thereof, and light-emitting element package structure employing the same
US10020431 Sealed semiconductor light emitting device
US10020432 Etched trenches in bond materials for die singulation, and associated systems and methods
US10020433 Optoelectronic component
US10020434 Surface-mountable optoelectronic component and method for producing a surface-mountable optoelectronic component
US10020435 Composite thermoelectric material, thermoelectric element and module including the same, and preparation method thereof
US10020436 Thermal energy accumulator for power generation and high performance computing center
US10020437 Superconductive current limiting element of current limiter and method for manufacturing superconductive current limiting element of current limiter
US10020438 Magnetic topological nanowires
US10020439 Electrostrictive element
US10020440 Electrostrictive element and manufacturing method therefor
US10020441 Piezoelectric transformer device
US10020442 Ceramic
US10020443 Method of producing laminated thin film structure, laminated thin film structure, and piezoelectric element including same
US10020444 Magnetic memory device and method of manufacturing the same
US10020445 Magnetoresistive effect element
US10020446 Methods of forming magnetic memory cells and semiconductor devices
US10020447 Method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus and organic light-emitting display apparatus
US10020448 Method for manufacturing organic light-emitting device and method of manufacturing display unit
US10020449 Composition for anode buffer layer of organic thin film solar cell and organic thin film solar cell
US10020450 Materials for electronic devices
US10020451 Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, lighting device, and heterocyclic compound
US10020452 Compound containing a 5-membered heterocycle and organic light-emitting diode using same, and terminal for same
US10020453 Organic light emitting display device
US10020455 Tetradentate platinum and palladium complex emitters containing phenyl-pyrazole and its analogues
US10020456 Ether-based polymers as photo-crosslinkable dielectrics
US10020457 Circuit layout for thin film transistors in series or parallel
US10020458 White organic light-emitting display device
US10020459 Organic light-emitting device
US10020460 Electroluminescence device and display device
US10020461 Display panel capable of preventing a defect in light emission of an organic light emitting element
US10020462 Electronic devices with flexible displays
US10020463 Display device with tacky layer
US10020464 Display device with micro cover layer and manufacturing method for the same
US10020465 Composition for encapsulating organic light emitting diode device and organic light emitting diode display using the same
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