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US10020466 Flexible multilayer scattering substrate used in OLED
US10020467 Light emitting apparatus with light absorbing layer
US10020468 Organic electroluminescence display device
US10020469 Organic light-emitting apparatus
US10020470 Battery pack and electric work vehicle
US10020471 Battery packaging material
US10020473 Electric storage device
US10020474 Cell block
US10020475 Battery assembly reinforcement member
US10020476 Articulate battery case
US10020477 Battery enclosure vent assembly and venting method
US10020478 Electrode with porous protective film, nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and method for manufacturing electrode with porous protective film
US10020479 Self-healing electrode protection in electrochemical cells
US10020480 Layered-double-hydroxide-containing composite material and method for producing same
US10020481 Separator and secondary battery using same
US10020482 Li/metal battery with microstructured solid electrolyte
US10020483 Battery module and method of coupling first and second electrical terminals of first and second battery cells to a voltage sense member of an interconnect assembly
US10020484 Cell wiring module
US10020485 Passive architectures for batteries having two different chemistries
US10020486 Battery pack
US10020488 Method for producing anodic composite material for lithium secondary battery, method for producing electrode using same, and method for charging and discharging electrode
US10020489 Lithium-ion secondary cell
US10020490 Ex-situ production of a lithium anode protective layer
US10020491 Silicon-based active materials for lithium ion batteries and synthesis with solution processing
US10020493 Coating compositions for electrode compositions and their methods of making
US10020494 Anode containing active material-coated graphene sheets and lithium-ion batteries containing same
US10020495 Glass-coated cathode powders for rechargeable batteries
US10020496 Anode material for secondary battery and method of preparing the same
US10020497 Lithium secondary battery having improved electrochemical properties, and method for manufacturing same
US10020498 Coated nickel hydroxide powder for positive electrode active material for alkaline secondary battery, and production method therefor
US10020499 Method for preparing lithium iron phosphate nanopowder coated with carbon
US10020500 Carbonized polyaniline-grafted silicon nanoparticles encapsulated in graphene sheets for li-ion battery anodes
US10020501 Methods of forming carbon coatings
US10020502 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing same, and rechargeable lithium battery including same
US10020503 Active material for battery, nonaqueous electrolyte battery, and battery pack
US10020504 Active material, nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack, and vehicle
US10020505 Active material, nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack, and vehicle
US10020506 Active material for a cathode of a battery cell, cathode, and battery cell
US10020507 Positive electrode active material for lithium secondary battery and positive electrode including same
US10020508 Composite material as electrode for sodium ion batteries, production method therefor, and all-solid-state sodium battery
US10020509 Lithium transition metal phosphate, method for producing same, and lithium secondary battery produced using same
US10020510 Single component sulfur-based cathodes for lithium and lithium-ion batteries
US10020511 Lithium secondary battery
US10020512 Polymer for use as protective layers and other components in electrochemical cells
US10020513 Slurry composition for forming lithium secondary battery electrode containing cellulose fiber as binder, and lithium secondary battery electrode
US10020514 Ionically permeable structures for energy storage devices
US10020515 Strontium magnesium molybdenum oxide material having double perovskite structure and method for preparing the same
US10020516 Printed energy storage device
US10020517 Solid oxide fuel cell bundles with flexible power transmission system
US10020518 Fuel cell stack
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