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US10016343 Solid stick antiperspirant compositions
US10016344 Dyeing process using a mixture obtained from an aerosol device comprising a glycerolated surfactant, and device therefor
US10016345 Kit for whitening a body surface of a user, related method and process
US10016347 Hair-conditioning mask
US10016348 Two-phase composition comprising a fatty acid ester of sugar or a liquid alkyl polyglucoside, with an HLB < 8, and a C8-C18 branched alkane
US10016349 Oxidative hair dye composition
US10016351 Composition for promoting hair growth or preventing hair loss
US10016352 Hair fixatives including cellulose ether based polyglucose polymers
US10016353 Hair cosmetic composition
US10016354 Compositions containing polymeric, ionic compounds comprising imidazolium groups
US10016355 Cosmetic composition containing COPA
US10016356 Sebum secretion inhibitory agent
US10016357 Personal lubricants
US10016358 Vaginal suppository comprising lactic acid
US10016359 Solid forms containing meloxicam with improved buccal taste and process for their preparation
US10016360 Compositions, uses and methods for making them
US10016361 PH change in the vagina as a contraceptive
US10016362 Apixaban liquid formulations
US10016363 Pre-spray emulsions and powders containing non-polar compounds
US10016364 Compositions and methods for making and using nanoemulsions
US10016365 Compositions and methods of tumor treatment utilizing nanoparticles
US10016366 Method of preparing lyophilized powder for injection comprising aloe and Panax pseudo-ginseng
US10016367 Cellulose micropowder
US10016368 Pharmaceutical compositions for treating or preventing pain
US10016369 Stable dosage form articles for oral administration
US10016370 Composition, device and method for delayed and sustained release of brain energy molecules
US10016371 Antigen-specific, tolerance-inducing microparticles and uses thereof
US10016373 CB2 receptor ligands for the treatment of psychiatric disorders
US10016374 Disintegrant free composition of Cinacalcet
US10016375 Materials and methods for controlling infections
US10016376 Composition for alleviating nephrotoxicity caused by immunosuppressive drug, comprising metformin, and composition for preventing or treating immune disease, comprising the same
US10016377 Treatment of hepatitis C using histone deacetylase inhibitors
US10016378 Compositions and methods for inhibiting intimal hyperplasia
US10016379 Method of treatment for third spacing
US10016381 Compounds and their salts specific to the PPAR receptors and the EGF receptors and their use in the medical field
US10016382 Method for decreasing skeletal muscle damage and/or oxidative stress in mammals
US10016383 Inhibitors of metallo-β-lactamase-enzymes
US10016384 Oral formulations of bipolar trans carotenoids
US10016385 Method for extending lifespan delaying the onset of age-related disease
US10016386 Methods of reducing the risk of a cardiovascular event in a subject on statin therapy
US10016387 Method for treating melanoma
US10016388 Ophthalmic lens, intraocular lens, and ophthalmic lens package having ophthalmic lens
US10016389 Method of making liposomes, liposome compositions made by the methods, and methods of using the same
US10016392 Method of treating cancer with combinations of histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDAC1) substances
US10016393 Stabilized pharmaceutical dosage forms comprising atrasentan
US10016394 PPARG modulators for treatment of osteoporosis
US10016395 Therapeutic agent for keratoconjunctive disorders
US10016396 Dexmedetomidine premix formulation
US10016397 Selective AT2 receptor agonists for use in treatment of cachexia
US10016398 Antimitotic amides for the treatment of cancer and proliferative disorders
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