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US10020833 Integrated networking equipment and diversity antenna in light bulb
US10020834 Radio over internet protocol devices and methods for interoperability with land mobile radio devices
US10020835 Wearable device and method of transmitting message from the same
US10020836 Reference signal distribution in multi-module systems
US10020837 Transmit leakage cancellation in a wide bandwidth distributed antenna system
US10020838 Sequence generation for spread spectrum from signal sampling
US10020839 Reliable orthogonal spreading codes in wireless communications
US10020840 Methods and devices for mitigating interference with FHSS signals
US10020841 Feedforward ringing suppression circuit
US10020842 Reception device and transmission/reception system including same
US10020843 Method and apparatus for transmitting electromagnetic waves
US10020844 Method and apparatus for broadcast communication via guided waves
US10020845 Method and apparatus for providing security using network traffic adjustments
US10020846 Data medium for configuring a configurable electronic device by near field communication, and associated method
US10020847 NFC device and connection system of NFC devices
US10020848 Method for communication between electronic devices through interaction of users with objects
US10020849 Self-canceling magnetic structures for transferring power and communication signals
US10020850 Master reference for base station network interface sourced from distributed antenna system
US10020851 Bitrate efficient transport through distributed antenna systems
US10020852 Schnorr-euchner expansions and their fast implementations
US10020853 Method and system for processing downlink pilot signal
US10020854 Signal separation in an orthogonal time frequency space communication system using MIMO antenna arrays
US10020855 User equipment and base station
US10020856 Method and apparatus for measuring and feeding back channel information
US10020857 Precoding a transmission from an antenna array that includes co-polarized antenna elements aligned in a given spatial dimension
US10020858 Multi-input multi-output communication system, transmitter, and method of assigning resources therein
US10020859 Channel feedback for vertical and full-dimensional beamforming
US10020860 Downlink signaling for partially precoded CSI-RS and CSI feedback
US10020861 Method and system for distributed transceivers and mobile device connectivity
US10020862 Wi-Fi adaptive receiver diversity
US10020863 Techniques for detecting a candidate information signal of unknown signal strength using receivers set to different fixed gain states
US10020864 Method of selecting receive antennas for MIMO systems
US10020865 Phase rotation and amplitude control unit
US10020866 Wireless communication node with adaptive communication
US10020867 Interference management for mobile relay in full-duplex radio communication system
US10020868 Communication module assembly
US10020869 Wireless repeater chain to exert frequency control
US10020870 Wireless backhaul for wireless relays in a data communication network
US10020871 Wireless communications system and method
US10020872 UAV for cellular communication
US10020873 Mobile station
US10020874 Antenna device, communication device and communication system
US10020875 Dynamic bandwidth resource allocation for satellite downlinks
US10020876 Systems and methods for command and control of satellite constellations
US10020877 Method and apparatus for beam selection for a multibeam, multi-satellite communications system
US10020878 Optical signal-to-noise ratio monitor and method for measuring optical signal to-noise ratio
US10020879 Optical transmission apparatus, optical power monitor, and method of monitoring optical power
US10020880 Reconfigurable wireless data center network using free-space optics
US10020881 Method and apparatus for transmitting secure VLC identifiers
US10020882 Adaptive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (O-OFDM) based visible light communication
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