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US10020883 Communication device
US10020884 Method and system for a bi-directional multi-wavelength receiver for standard single-mode fiber based on grating couplers
US10020885 Direct communicative coupling of a radio source to a remote unit for exchanging communications services with a distributed communications system (DCS)
US10020886 Methods and systems for fiber optic communication
US10020887 Wireless communication system, baseband processing device, and wireless device
US10020888 Transmitter and receiver for direct communication of multiple optical wavelengths via an optical link
US10020889 Channel ranging adjustment in multiple-wavelength passive optical networks (PONs)
US10020890 Host unit and remote radio head for distributed antenna system supporting large data traffic
US10020892 Apparatus and method of in-phase/quadrature separated dual multicarrier transmission for coherent optical transmission
US10020893 Communication device, quantum key distribution system, quantum key distribution method, and computer program product
US10020894 Systems and methods for transmitting routable optical energy packets
US10020895 Methods and apparatus for emergency mine communications using acoustic waves, time synchronization, and digital signal processing
US10020896 Acoustic channel-based data communications method
US10020897 Phased array tuning for interference suppression
US10020898 Radio-device system and a method with time-parameter evaluation
US10020899 Smart box for automatic feature testing of smart phones and other devices
US10020900 Apparatus and method for providing spectrum information using spectrum-related functions
US10020901 Inter-gateway interference management and admission control for a CDMA satellite communications system
US10020902 Method and apparatus for performing MBMS MDT in wireless communication system
US10020903 Method, device, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium for supporting relay broadcasting using mobile device
US10020904 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
US10020905 Accurate synchronization as a service
US10020906 Adaptive multi-client single host TDMA communications
US10020907 Transport functions virtualization for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)-based optical networks
US10020908 Methods and apparatus for remote management of an optical transceiver system
US10020909 Dual-grip portable countermeasure device against unmanned systems
US10020910 Systems, devices and methods for network communication
US10020911 Method and apparatus for improving resource usage in communication networks using interference cancelation
US10020912 Method and a system for a receiver design in bandwidth constrained communication systems
US10020913 Polar code encoding method and device
US10020914 Methods and apparatus for maximum utilization of a dynamic varying digital data channel
US10020915 System and method for user equipment cooperation
US10020916 Method and apparatus for data communication of vehicle
US10020917 Method for handling of DRX timers for multiple repetition transmission in wireless communication system and a device therefor
US10020918 Fast coupled retransmission for multipath communications
US10020919 Protection methods for wireless transmissions
US10020920 Method for transmitting enhanced reference signal in multi-antenna wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
US10020921 Directional reference signal transmission
US10020922 High dimensional (HiDi) radio environment characterization and representation
US10020923 Method of transmitting and receiving downlink signal in unlicensed band in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
US10020924 Method and apparatus for transmitting aperiodic channel state information in wireless communication system
US10020925 Method and system for dynamic ACK/NACK repetition for robust downlink MAC PDU transmission in LTE
US10020926 Signal strength aware band steering
US10020927 Method and device for decoding reception signal in wireless communication system
US10020929 Methods and systems for data alignment in network devices
US10020930 Method of non-uniform wavelet bandpass sampling
US10020931 Apparatus for dynamically adapting a clock generator with respect to changes in power supply
US10020932 Split-and-merge approach to protect against DFA attacks
US10020933 Cryptographic processing device and cryptographic processing method
US10020934 Hardware accelerator for cryptographic hash operations
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