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US10020936 Systems and methods for encryption and provision of information security using platform services
US10020937 Apparatus and method for the detection of attacks taking control of the single photon detectors of a quantum cryptography apparatus by randomly changing their efficiency
US10020938 Secure messaging with disposable keys
US10020939 Device, server and method for providing secret key encryption and restoration
US10020940 Identity-based encryption for securing access to stored messages
US10020941 Virtual encryption patching using multiple transport layer security implementations
US10020942 Token-based secure data management
US10020943 Method and apparatus for binding device
US10020944 Device and method for discontinuous hashing of digital data
US10020945 Information processing apparatus and to efficiently substitute coefficients of a multivariate polynomial
US10020946 Multi-key encryption method
US10020947 Format conversion of digitally signed files
US10020948 Charging in a software defined network
US10020949 Method for transmitting and receiving of an information-signal via a network, transmitter and receiver for application of method and splitter unit for application within the network
US10020950 Method and conference server for initializing scheduled conferences
US10020951 Crowdsourcing-based detection, identification, and tracking of electronic devices
US10020952 PIM relay mode in computer networks
US10020953 Method of transmitting/receiving control message in a mobile communication system providing multimedia broadcast/multicast service
US10020954 Generic packet encapsulation for virtual networking
US10020955 Multi-networked lighting device
US10020956 Thermostat with direction handoff features
US10020957 Method and apparatus for controlling devices for smart home service
US10020958 Can fd
US10020959 Ethernet controller with integrated AVB control point and time slave
US10020960 Virtual distributed bridging
US10020961 Method and apparatus for network virtualization
US10020962 Virtual converged cable access platform (CCAP) core
US10020963 Method and apparatus for selectively transmitting data using spatial diversity
US10020964 Channel estimation for wireless systems without matrix inversion
US10020965 System and method for iterative compensation for linear and nonlinear interference in system employing FTN symbol transmission rates
US10020966 Vector signaling codes with high pin-efficiency for chip-to-chip communication and storage
US10020967 PAM-n jitter/noise decomposition analysis
US10020968 Coherent radar receiver that comprises a sigma delta modulator
US10020969 Methods and apparatus for discovery and measurement in cellular networks
US10020971 Method and user equipment for transreceiving TDD
US10020972 Apparatus for multicast broadcast multimedia services over a single frequency network
US10020973 Interference parameter signaling for efficient interference cancellation and suppression
US10020974 Upstream pilot structures in point-to-multipoint orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) communication systems
US10020975 Method and apparatus for demodulating signal in wireless access system
US10020976 Access network architecture having dissimilar access sub-networks
US10020977 Converged voice mail services
US10020978 Remote user interface providing apparatus and method
US10020979 Allocating resources in multi-core computing environments
US10020980 Arbitration processing method after cluster brain split, quorum storage apparatus, and system
US10020981 Lightweight software management shell
US10020982 Failure isolation method and management server for failure isolation
US10020983 Reachability fault isolation and recovery using asynchronous notifications
US10020984 RSVP local protection signaling reduction
US10020985 System and method for effective and reliable lawful interception content transmission across networks
US10020986 Fault tolerance for authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) functionality
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