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US10063328 RF antenna supported on a drone
US10063329 Measuring device and measuring method using broadcast measuring signals
US10063330 Transmission device, wireless network transmission system and method thereof
US10063331 Radiobeacon data sharing by forwarding low energy transmissions to a cloud host
US10063332 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method in digital broadcasting system
US10063333 Control device that mixes audio signals and recording medium storing a program that mixes audio signals
US10063334 Method and a device for generating a timing signal
US10063335 Method, apparatus and system for remotely configuring PTP service of optical network unit
US10063336 Protected transponded services integrated with control plane switched services
US10063337 Arrayed waveguide grating based multi-core and multi-wavelength short-range interconnection network
US10063338 Optical add/drop multiplexer and optical network signal transmission method
US10063339 Sleep control method and dynamic wavelength allocation control method
US10063340 Dynamic resource adaptation
US10063341 Flexible data transmission scheme adaptive to communication channel quality
US10063342 Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
US10063343 Apparatus and methods for transmit power control in wireless communication systems
US10063344 Method and device for symbol decision and digital receiver
US10063345 Transmitting apparatus and mapping method thereof
US10063346 Method and device for protecting a data transport block against memory errors and transmission errors
US10063347 Signal segmentation method and CRC attachment method for reducing undetected error
US10063348 Retransmission data processing device, retransmission data communication device, retransmission data communication system, retransmission data processing method, retransmission data communication method, and non-transitory computer readable medium for detecting abnormality by comparing retransmission data to transmission data
US10063350 Devices for sending and receiving hybrid automatic repeat request information for carrier aggregation
US10063351 Enhanced common downlink control channels
US10063352 HARQ/CSI ACK feedback method over unlicensed carrier
US10063353 Injected block code distortion
US10063354 Modulation and equalization in an orthonormal time-frequency shifting communications system
US10063355 Data processing method, apparatus, and system
US10063356 Method and apparatus for performing fractional subframe transmission
US10063357 Method for supporting reference signal transmission in multiple antenna-supporting wireless communication system, and apparatus therefor
US10063358 Pilot signal sending and receiving method and apparatus
US10063359 Method and apparatus for processing ACK signal in a wireless local area network system
US10063360 Method for transmitting control information in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
US10063362 Data transmission method and data transmission device
US10063363 Zero division duplexing MIMO radio with adaptable RF and/or baseband cancellation
US10063364 Wireless full-duplex system and method using sideband test signals
US10063365 Re-timer network insertion
US10063366 Fast frequency hopping phase locked loop
US10063367 Optical clock recovery using feedback phase rotator with non-linear compensation
US10063368 Phase locked loop circuit, RF front-end circuit, wireless transmission/reception circuit, and mobile wireless communication terminal apparatus
US10063369 Time synchronization of multi-modality measurements
US10063370 Method and device for checking an identifier
US10063371 Method of performing device to device communication between user equipments
US10063372 Generating pre-encrypted keys
US10063374 System and method for continuous authentication in internet of things
US10063375 Isolation of trusted input/output devices
US10063376 Access control and security for synchronous input/output links
US10063377 Network-based authentication for third party content
US10063378 Methods and apparatus to collect distributed user information for media impressions and search terms
US10063379 Distributed, centrally authored block chain network
US10063380 Secure interface for invoking privileged operations
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