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US10063381 Security token for certificate authentication and driving method therefor
US10063382 Apparatus and method for providing multiple security credentials
US10063383 Apparatus, system, and method for improving the energy efficiency of link aggregation groups
US10063384 Multiplexing device and multiplexing method
US10063385 Method and device for processing interruption of group communication service
US10063386 Control method, controller, and recording medium
US10063387 Method for controlling an HVAC system using a proximity aware mobile device
US10063388 Lighting-control processor and method for operating a lighting-control processor
US10063389 Identifying and configuring multiple smart devices on a CAN bus
US10063390 Apparatus and method for detecting ethernet frame
US10063391 Subscriber station for a bus system and method for improving the quality of reception in a bus system
US10063393 Distributed network interfaces for application cloaking and spoofing
US10063394 Method for estimating a channel, and network node
US10063395 Method for estimating channel status in wireless communication system, and apparatus therefor
US10063396 Method and apparatus of topological pilot decontamination for massive MIMO systems
US10063398 Overlay modulation technique of COFDM signals based on amplitude offsets
US10063399 Method and system for adaptive guard interval (GI) combining
US10063400 Terminal apparatus and base station apparatus
US10063401 Communication method and apparatus based on a filter bank multi-carrier modulation
US10063402 Sub-carrier adaptation in multi-carrier communication systems
US10063403 Method of adjusting modulation and coding scheme
US10063404 Apparatus, systems and methods for monitoring the transmission of media content events
US10063405 Real time transmission monitoring and anomaly detection
US10063406 Automatic customer complaint resolution
US10063407 Identifying and marking failed egress links in data plane
US10063408 System and methods for alerting a user consuming media to the progress of others consuming media
US10063409 Management of computing machines with dynamic update of applicability rules
US10063410 Ad hoc local area network creation
US10063411 Channel map for optical network unit activation and rogue behavior prevention
US10063412 Network device detecting method and apparatus, and cloud detection system
US10063413 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system
US10063414 Updating a transport stack in a content centric network
US10063415 Network services using pools of pre-configured virtualized network functions and service chains
US10063416 Bidirectional redundant mesh networks
US10063417 Automatically grouping, authenticating, and provisioning access points using cloud-based management of WLAN infrastructure
US10063418 Method and system for virtual server dormancy
US10063419 Establishing nodes for global routing manager
US10063420 Network control apparatus, network system, network control method, and program
US10063421 System and method for identifying imaging devices
US10063422 Controlled bandwidth expansion in compressed disaggregated storage systems
US10063423 Access network related information provisioning system, control apparatus, method of controlling the same, communications terminal, method of controlling the same, program, and storage medium
US10063424 Communications processing method and apparatus
US10063425 Event-based in-band host registration
US10063426 Network node connection configuration
US10063427 Visualizing and interacting with resources of an infrastructure provisioned in a network
US10063428 Selectable declarative requirement levels
US10063429 Systems and methods for optimizing computer network operations
US10063430 Systems and methods for workspace interaction with cloud-based applications
US10063431 Detecting and reporting the impact of handovers on subscriber quality of experience
US10063432 Method and system of supporting service chaining in a data network
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