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US10063484 Method, device, and system for establishing traffic engineering label switched path
US10063485 System and method for feedback based traffic management
US10063486 Offloading application traffic to a shared communication channel for signal optimization in a wireless network for traffic utilizing proprietary and non-proprietary protocols
US10063487 Pattern matching values of a packet which may result in false-positive matches
US10063488 Tracking queuing delay and performing related congestion control in information centric networking
US10063489 Buffer bloat control
US10063490 Method and system of operating an online application service in a deployment environment to facilitate run-time experimentation with user interface configurations
US10063491 Dynamic allocation of resources while considering resource reservations
US10063492 Data transmission between devices based on bandwidth availability
US10063493 Application-based elastic resource provisioning in disaggregated computing systems
US10063494 Distributed multi-stage switch fabric
US10063496 Buffer sizing of a NoC through machine learning
US10063497 Electronic reply message compositor and prioritization apparatus and method of operation
US10063498 Method and apparatus for sending and receiving messages
US10063499 Non-cloud based communication platform for an environment control system
US10063500 E-mail containing live content
US10063501 Unified messaging platform for displaying attached content in-line with e-mail messages
US10063502 Generation of a communication request based on visual selection
US10063503 Digest filtering system and method
US10063504 Systems and methods for selectively archiving electronic messages
US10063505 Enhanced delivery of a message for multiple recipients
US10063506 Preventing SMS message forwarding loops
US10063507 Digital collaboration process enablement tool
US10063508 System and method for supporting a pluggable event service in a dependency injection framework
US10063509 Managing message threads through use of a consolidated message
US10063510 Techniques to share and remix media through a messaging system
US10063511 Method to refine addressees in a group environment
US10063513 Determining temporal relevance of newsfeed stories
US10063514 Device identifier selection
US10063517 One way secure link
US10063518 Reducing data connections for transmitting secured data
US10063519 Automatically optimizing web application firewall rule sets
US10063520 Smart storage with VPN and discovery
US10063521 Client network access provision by a network traffic manager
US10063522 System and method for operating a safety-critical device over a non-secure communication network
US10063524 Method and apparatus for encoding security status information
US10063525 Collision avoidance in a distributed tokenization environment
US10063526 Method and apparatus for secure provisioning of an integrated circuit device
US10063527 Techniques for handshake-free encrypted communication using symmetric key caching during request-and-response
US10063528 Searchable encryption enabling encrypted search based on document type
US10063529 Secure 3D model sharing using distributed ledger
US10063530 Voice-over-internet protocol credentials
US10063531 Method for key rotation
US10063532 Authentication apparatus that authenticates user
US10063533 Protecting a web server against an unauthorized client application
US10063534 System and method for providing security monitoring
US10063535 User authentication based on personal access history
US10063536 Short term or one-time-use X.509 digital certificates
US10063537 Permission architecture for remote management and capacity instances
US10063538 System for secure login, and method and apparatus for same
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