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US10063593 Propagating fraud awareness to hosted applications
US10063594 Network access control with compliance policy check
US10063596 Devices for managing data associated with an audio communication
US10063597 Loss of signalling bearer transport
US10063598 Method and apparatus for establishing, authenticating, and accessing a content channel
US10063599 Controlling registration floods in VOIP networks via DNS
US10063600 Distributed control of media content item during webcast
US10063601 Client identification for enforcing computer resource quotas
US10063602 System, method and apparatus for content eavesdropping
US10063603 Method and system for concurrent collaborative undo operations in computer application software
US10063604 Systems and methods for facilitating video communication using virtual avatars
US10063605 Apparatus, systems and methods for providing edge cached media content to media devices based on user history
US10063608 Vehicle detection for media content player connected to vehicle media content player
US10063609 Methods and apparatus for multimedia conferences using single source multi-unicast
US10063610 Apparatus and method for dynamically providing web-based multimedia to a mobile phone
US10063611 Distributing communication of a data stream among multiple devices
US10063612 Request-based encoding for streaming content portions
US10063613 Systems and methods for utilizing client-side synchronization of video and overlay
US10063615 Systems and methods for caching and serving dynamic content
US10063616 Automated URL transmission to enable multimedia services
US10063617 Error correction using state information of data
US10063618 Remote browsing session management
US10063620 Information sharing method and system
US10063621 Systems and methods for enabling users to receive access to content in closed network
US10063622 Systems, methods, and apparatus for facilitating claims processing
US10063624 Transferring data between block and file storage systems
US10063625 System and method for appliance detection and app configuration
US10063626 Information system, server apparatus, terminal apparatus, and information processing method
US10063627 System and method for event driven publish-subscribe communications
US10063628 Device and method for providing multimedia data in a motor vehicle
US10063629 Floating set points to optimize power allocation and use in data center
US10063630 System and method for service orchestration in distributed cloud environment
US10063631 Systems and methods for seamless host migration
US10063632 Low-latency high-throughput scalable data caching
US10063633 System, method, and computer program for managing hierarchy and optimization in a network function virtualization (NFV) based communication network
US10063634 Deployment of multi-task analytics applications in multi-clouds
US10063635 Method of controlling image forming apparatus through user terminal, and image forming apparatus and user terminal for performing the method
US10063636 Analyzing requests for data made by users that subscribe to a provider of network connectivity
US10063637 Synchronizing data between personal and timecode devices
US10063638 NVM express controller for remote access of memory and I/O over ethernet-type networks
US10063639 Sticker communication method and system
US10063640 Internet of things communication and control system
US10063641 Systems and methods for finding wireless signals sufficient for installation of wireless home automation devices
US10063644 Managing operation of instances
US10063645 Method and system for monitoring and tracking browsing activity on handled devices
US10063646 Content distribution system, content distribution method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
US10063647 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for intelligent network communication and engagement
US10063648 Relaying mobile communications
US10063649 Data translation using a proxy service
US10063650 Intranet distributed caching
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