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US10063651 Parallel streams to maintain a target data transfer rate
US10063652 Distributed caching system with distributed notification of current content
US10063653 Distributed server architecture for supporting a predictive content pre-fetching service for mobile device users
US10063654 Systems and methods for contextual and cross application threat detection and prediction in cloud applications
US10063655 Information processing method, trusted server, and cloud server
US10063656 Server-side scheduling for media transmissions
US10063657 Managing identical data requests
US10063658 Dedicated network platform for data producing devices that emulates distinct data and control channels via bifurcation of single channel environments
US10063659 Monetizing downloadable files based on resolving custodianship thereof to referring publisher and presentation of monetized content in a modal overlay contemporaneously with download
US10063660 Collaborative editing of media in a mixed computing environment
US10063661 Multi-tenant cloud-based queuing systems
US10063662 Method and system for establishing a trust association
US10063663 Subscribing to multiple resources through a common connection
US10063664 Network system and control device
US10063665 System and method to eliminate duplicate byte patterns in network streams
US10063666 Modular telecommunication edge cloud system
US10063667 Plug-on networked audio adapter
US10063669 Communication device, management device, processing method, and computer-readable recording medium having processing program stored therein
US10063670 Route synchronization method and apparatus
US10063671 Systems and methods for processing packets
US10063672 Device and method of handling parameter configurations
US10063673 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signal, apparatus for receiving broadcast signal, method for transmitting broadcast signal and method for receiving broadcast signal
US10063674 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signal, apparatus for receiving broadcast signal, method for transmitting broadcast signal and method for receiving broadcast signal
US10063675 Performing duplicate address detection for an integrated routing and bridging device
US10063676 Electronic device provided with removable battery
US10063677 Electronic device with flexible display and hinged housing, and corresponding systems and methods
US10063678 System for controlling current along a housing of a mobile wireless communications device
US10063679 Mobile terminal and incoming screen display method thereof
US10063680 Portable terminal, and method for controlling portable terminal
US10063681 Wearable device paired with mobile terminal and operating method thereof
US10063682 Operation method and system of mobile terminal
US10063683 In-vehicle multimedia system connected to external device and control method thereof
US10063684 Wearable device, wearable device system and method for controlling wearable device
US10063685 Automatic execution method and device for operation of mobile terminal, and mobile terminal
US10063686 Systems and methods for locating a mobile communication device
US10063687 Device function disablement during vehicle motion
US10063688 Administrator-managed smartphone application access
US10063689 Media control devices, systems and methods
US10063690 Network element
US10063691 Detecting dial tone on a telephone line
US10063693 System and method for geo-location based media recording for a contact center
US10063694 System and method for multilingual authentication access to communication system in controlled environment
US10063695 Delivery of caller identification data to a mobile device using application directed short messaging service
US10063696 Call center audio redaction process and system
US10063697 Home communication center
US10063698 Inbound calls to intelligent controlled-environment facility resident media and/or communications devices
US10063699 Method, apparatus and computer program product for verifying caller identification in voice communications
US10063701 Custom grammars builder platform
US10063702 Intelligent customer service systems, customer service robots, and methods for providing customer service
US10063703 Intermediary device for data message network routing
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