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US10063811 Dynamic video image management
US10063814 Smoking article package inspection system and associated method
US10063815 Mobile communication platform
US10063816 Solid state imaging device, electronic apparatus, and method for manufacturing solid state imaging device
US10063817 Large display systems with screen tension adjustability
US10063818 Methods and systems for projecting a target portion of an image at a higher resolution
US10063819 Projection optical system and projector
US10063820 Multi-screen projector setting
US10063821 Projector, and black level area setting method for projector
US10063822 Tri-surface image projection system and method
US10063823 Information processing device, information processing method, program, and recording medium
US10063824 Mapping image/video content to target display devices with variable brightness levels and/or viewing conditions
US10063825 Method of operating mobile device and mobile system
US10063826 Image processing apparatus and image processing method thereof
US10063827 Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing program, and image processing method
US10063828 Playback method according to function of playback device
US10063829 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
US10063830 Antighosting method using binocular suppression
US10063831 Method and apparatus for stereo image rectification
US10063832 Image processing method and apparatus
US10063833 Method of controlling stereo convergence and stereo image processor using the same
US10063835 Generation of patterned radiation
US10063836 Terrain visualization for a vehicle and vehicle driver
US10063837 System and method for analysis of surface features
US10063838 Information processor, information processing method, and computer program
US10063839 Method and apparatus for 3D capture synchronization
US10063840 Method and system of sub pixel accuracy 3D measurement using multiple images
US10063841 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
US10063843 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for estimating three-dimensional position of object in image
US10063844 Determining distances by probabilistic time of flight imaging
US10063845 Guided 3D display adaptation
US10063846 Selective illumination of a region within a field of view
US10063847 Monochromatic stereoscopic viewing system employing projection onto a semitransparent plate
US10063849 Optical system for collecting distance information within a field
US10063850 Surgical stereoscopic observation apparatus
US10063851 System for and method of generating user-selectable novel views on a viewing device
US10063853 Efficient error recovery
US10063855 Image predictive encoding and decoding device
US10063857 Chroma quantization parameter extension
US10063859 Method of applying edge offset
US10063861 Methods and systems of performing predictive random access using a background picture
US10063862 Image decoding method and image decoding apparatus for sample adaptive offset information
US10063863 DC coefficient signaling at small quantization step sizes
US10063864 System and method for compression and decompression of text data
US10063865 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
US10063866 Multi-pass video encoding
US10063867 Signaling HRD parameters for bitstream partitions
US10063868 Signaling for addition or removal of layers in video coding
US10063869 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding multi-view video signal
US10063870 Method of and apparatus for generating an encoded frame
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