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US10063871 Saving minimum macroblock data for subsequent encoding of other macroblocks
US10063872 Segment based encoding of video
US10063873 Method for adaptively performing video decoding, and associated adaptive complexity video decoder and adaptive audio/video playback system
US10063874 Picture coding device, picture coding method, and picture coding program, and picture decoding device, picture decoding method, and picture decoding program
US10063875 Method and apparatus for compressing coding unit in high efficiency video coding
US10063876 Method and apparatus for removing redundancy in motion vector predictors
US10063877 Method and an apparatus for processing a video signal
US10063878 Interlayer video encoding method using brightness compensation and device thereof, and video decoding method and device thereof
US10063879 Moving picture coding method, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture decoding method, and moving picture decoding apparatus
US10063880 Motion detecting apparatus, motion detecting method and program
US10063881 Apparatus and method for setting search region for predicting motion vector
US10063882 Reference picture signaling
US10063883 Methods and apparatuses for coding and decoding depth map
US10063886 Combined scalability processing for multi-layer video coding
US10063887 Video decoding apparatus and method for decoding multi-view video
US10063888 Image prediction encoding/decoding system
US10063889 Image processing system with conditional coding and method of operation thereof
US10063891 Image compression method with negligible and quantifiable information loss and high compression ratio
US10063892 Residual entropy compression for cloud-based video applications
US10063893 Controlling the transmission of a video data stream over a network to a network user device
US10063894 Systems and methods for differential media distribution
US10063895 System and method for allocating bandwidth in a network
US10063896 Synchronizing multiple over the top streaming clients
US10063897 Monitoring video advertisements
US10063898 Station override of requests for enriching content
US10063899 System and methods for automatically obtaining cost-efficient access to a media content collection
US10063900 Method and apparatus for biometric identification of a user in a broadcast communication receiver
US10063901 Systems and methods for modifying access to media assets
US10063902 ABR network profile selection engine
US10063903 Systems and methods for mirroring and transcoding media content
US10063904 Interchangeable rear seat infotainment system
US10063905 System for controlling device, digital device, and method for controlling same
US10063906 Method and system for multi-path video and network channels
US10063907 Differential audio-video synchronization
US10063908 Wearable device capable of displaying information associated with a multimedia system
US10063909 Program guide system with advertisements
US10063910 Systems and methods for customizing a display of information associated with a media asset
US10063911 Methods and systems for re-integrating a PIP catch-up window with live video
US10063912 Adaptive transcoding bypass system
US10063914 Information device
US10063915 Method and system for remotely transcoding content
US10063916 Authorization and authentication of a virtual reality device using a television receiver
US10063917 Fingerprint layouts for content fingerprinting
US10063919 Digital media receiver monitoring system
US10063920 Method and apparatus for generating media content
US10063921 Power aware adaptation for video streaming
US10063922 Performance metrics for downloads of encrypted video
US10063923 Digital device and control method thereof
US10063924 Method and system for transferring user settings to another user receiving device using a mobile user device
US10063925 Providing digital video assets with multiple age rating levels
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