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US10064041 Method for setting cyclic prefix for D2D (device-to-device) communication in radio communications system and apparatus therefor
US10064042 Communication apparatus, control method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
US10064043 Connecting user equipment to different core networks
US10064044 Method and apparatus for determining roaming status of terminal, terminal, and server
US10064045 Subscription management
US10064046 Communication terminal and method for using a shared radio communication component
US10064047 Method and apparatus for profile download of group devices
US10064048 Acquiring permanent identifier of user equipment by gateway in mobile communication system
US10064049 DID line type provisioning verification
US10064050 Mobile communication apparatus having anti-theft and auto-notification functions
US10064051 Dual connectivity mode of operation of a user equipment in a wireless communication network
US10064052 Methods for authenticating device-to-device communication
US10064053 Authentication in device to device discovery
US10064057 Secure fine timing measurement exchange
US10064058 Node selection using a combination of subscription entitlement and nodal characteristics
US10064059 Autonomous pairing of internet of things devices utilizing broadcast packets
US10064060 Fingerprint activation of a panic mode of operation for a mobile device
US10064061 Method and system of location information based communication control
US10064062 System and method for automatically and securely registering an internet of things device
US10064063 Method and apparatus for authenticating digital information
US10064064 LTE-U communication devices and methods for aperiodic beacon and reference signal transmission
US10064065 Downlink direction remote radio unit selection decision method and apparatus
US10064066 Method for transmitting and receiving wireless signal in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
US10064067 Visual representation of signal strength using machine learning models
US10064068 Providing secondary coverage in a mobile communication system
US10064069 Method and apparatus for setting beam in mobile communication system
US10064070 System and method for maintaining communications over a coverage area
US10064072 Radio access networks
US10064073 Optimizing bandwidth of cognitive radios
US10064075 Mobile communication terminal test device and mobile communication terminal test method
US10064076 Method and wireless device for managing probe messages
US10064077 FTM protocol with angle of arrival and angle of departure
US10064078 Wireless communications method, user equipment, and network node
US10064079 Handling signal quality measurements in a wireless communication network
US10064081 Apparatus and method for controlling mobile device engaging with vehicle
US10064082 Method and apparatus for limiting transmission of in-device coexistence indication message in wireless communication system
US10064083 Universal communication system for measurement apparatuses, method of communication relating thereto
US10064084 System, method, and computer program for performing mobile network related tasks based on performance data acquired by an unmanned vehicle
US10064085 Congestion/overload control method and apparatus
US10064086 Signaling of system information to MTC-devices
US10064087 Interference cancellation reception method
US10064089 Multi-tier quality of service wireless communications networks
US10064090 Method for triggering and reporting a buffer status and device therefor
US10064091 Buffer status reporting method, device, terminal, and eNB
US10064092 Communicating over multiple radio access technologies (RATs)
US10064093 Method and apparatus for transmitting broadcast-multicast single-frequency network measurement data
US10064094 Null data packet format for long range WLAN
US10064095 Optimized control system for aggregation of multiple broadband connections over radio interfaces
US10064096 Traffic distribution in heterogenous network environment
US10064097 Interface shaping for virtual interfaces
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