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US10064098 Dual connectivity and carrier aggregation at an IP layer
US10064099 Method and apparatus for adaptive load balancing in wireless networks
US10064100 Data transmission using different transmission technologies
US10064101 VoIP data transmission method and base station
US10064102 User terminal, radio base station and radio communication method
US10064103 Method and apparatus for processing user plane data
US10064105 Predictive roaming between subnets
US10064106 System and method for dynamic feature selection based on latency discovery
US10064107 Method and apparatus for mobility management
US10064108 Handover method and radio base station
US10064109 Method for adapting cell change time in a multi-cell wireless communication network
US10064110 Method and apparatus for handover in wireless communication system
US10064111 Configuring a discard timer
US10064112 Apparatus, systems and methods for switching between radio access technologies
US10064113 Method and apparatus for migrating from licensed spectrum to unlicensed spectrum
US10064114 Intelligent heterogeneous wireless handoff
US10064115 Method and apparatus for handover in dual connectivity user equipment and base station
US10064116 Method, system and device for maintaining user service continuity
US10064117 System and method for managing user equipment movement driven cell system load balancing
US10064118 Method for operating communication function and electronic device supporting the same
US10064119 Attenuation device in transmitter system
US10064120 Method and nodes for handling a UE which roams into a visited network
US10064121 Localizing a multicast service
US10064122 Method for selecting public land mobile network PLMN, and apparatus and device thereof
US10064123 WI-FI and cellular interworking for internet of things devices
US10064124 Communication device, network node, and computer program for communication and/or device-to-device operation in an out of coverage state
US10064125 Methods to enable efficient use of multiple radio access technologies
US10064126 Identification of access points in WLAN communication
US10064128 Method and apparatus for performing priority based cell reselection
US10064129 Mobile communication system, communication control method and a mobile station
US10064130 System and method for sharing measurement results in multi-SIM devices
US10064131 Radio communication device and radio communication method
US10064132 Bidirectional wireless data transmission method
US10064133 Radio communication system
US10064134 System information processing method and apparatus, and communications system
US10064135 Mobile station, core network node, base station subsystem, and methods for implementing longer paging cycles in a cellular network
US10064136 Method and device for pushing information
US10064137 Hybrid monitoring-sleeping method of wireless sensor and wireless sensor
US10064138 Energy efficient wireless data transfer
US10064139 Context-assisted thermal management scheme in a portable device
US10064140 Radio-frequency module and wireless device
US10064141 Core frequency/count decision-based thermal mitigation optimization for a multi-core integrated circuit
US10064142 User apparatus and uplink transmission power information transmission method
US10064143 System and method for signal backup of active DAS master unit
US10064144 Use of correlation combination to achieve channel detection
US10064145 Method of receiving downlink signal of high speed moving terminal, adaptive communication method and adaptive communication apparatus in mobile wireless backhaul network
US10064146 Method and system for supplementary services synchronization across networks
US10064147 Synchronization method, synchronization appratus, and base station
US10064148 Ultra-wide band positioning system
US10064149 Cloud based wireless network
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