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US10064150 Apparatus and method for syntonized streaming
US10064151 Head unit of vehicle, method for controlling the head unit, and transmission/reception synchronization system between heterogeneous devices
US10064152 Dynamic configuration of subscriber data, such as data for subscribers of mobile device services
US10064153 Position estimation apparatus, position estimation method, target terminal, communication method, communication terminal, recording medium, and position estimation system
US10064154 System and method for channel information exchange for time of flight range determination
US10064155 Positioning apparatus and method
US10064156 Method and apparatus for supporting positioning measurements
US10064157 Communication system, mobile communication terminal and position managing apparatus
US10064158 Location aware mobile device
US10064159 Wireless signal processing method and wireless communication device
US10064160 Techniques for providing WLAN identifier lists to terminal devices
US10064162 Communication system, mobile station apparatus, base station apparatus, communication method, and integrated circuit
US10064163 Terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, communication system, control method, and integrated circuit
US10064164 Radio access technology with non-continuous and periodic PUSCH transmission
US10064165 Downlink and uplink channel with low latency
US10064166 Management of channel state information reporting rate in a communications system
US10064167 System, method, and computer program for coordinating a plurality of networks based on network function virtualization (NFV)
US10064168 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information
US10064169 Method for information transmission with coverage enhancement, base station and user equipment
US10064170 Enhanced physical downlink control channel supporting common search space
US10064171 User equipment, base station apparatus, integrated circuit, and communication method
US10064172 Control channel resource transmission method, user equipment and base station
US10064174 Discovery signal measurement timing configuration for SCells in asynchronous networks
US10064175 Method and apparatus for handling in-device co-existence interference in a wireless communication environment
US10064176 Method and device for communication in D2D UE of TDD system
US10064177 Resource allocation method and device in wireless access system supporting FDR transmission
US10064178 Dynamic reconfiguration of air interface to provide time division multiplexed support for multiple radio access technologies
US10064180 Methods, systems, and devices for dynamic packet transfer in wireless networks
US10064181 Sub-band allocation techniques for reduced-bandwidth machine-type communication (MTC) devices
US10064182 Radio communication method, terminal, and base station
US10064183 Method and apparatus for configuring virtual beam identifier, and method and apparatus for allocating resources using the virtual beam identifier
US10064184 Dynamic client routing for video streaming clients
US10064185 Frequency spectrum allocation method, device and system
US10064186 Load-based techniques for selecting a wireless operating channel in an unlicensed spectrum
US10064187 Network sharing scheme for machine-to-machine (M2M) network
US10064188 Methods and apparatuses for radio resource management
US10064189 Wireless communication system and wireless communication device
US10064190 Method and apparatus for processing data in base station
US10064192 D2D resource allocation method, and data transmission method and device
US10064193 Method, base station and user equipment for adapting device-to-device resource allocation
US10064194 Method and apparatus for allocating device-to-device D2D communication resource
US10064195 Controlling traffic transmissions to manage cellular radio resource utilization
US10064196 Terminal device, monitoring method, and integrated circuit
US10064197 Network assisted interference suppression
US10064198 Device in wireless communication system, wireless communication system and method
US10064199 Techniques for system information block (SIB) management using SIB resource block allocation and physical downlink shared channel (PDSCH) data resource block blanking
US10064200 Interference measurement methods for advanced receiver in LTE/LTE-A
US10064202 Assigning frequency sub-bands for LTE transmissions to provide improved performance and reduced interference
US10064204 Method, device, and system for setting an operating parameter of a radio receiver based on a predicted radio signal environment
US10064205 Transmission module, information transmission network system, information transmission method, and information transmission program
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