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US10064206 Method and apparatus for establishing resource pool for scheduling assignment signal of direct device-to-device communication in wireless communication system
US10064207 Scheduling of delay-sensitive traffic
US10064208 Multi-carrier throughput enhancement by opportunistic packet scheduling with SPS concurrency
US10064209 Communication device and method for controlling a receiver
US10064210 Channel quality reporting for deterministic null scheduling
US10064211 Accessing applications by devices in proximity in a communications network
US10064212 Transmitting a scheduling request for a device-to-device transmission
US10064213 Method and network node for pre-scheduling grant transmission
US10064214 Enhanced grant detection method
US10064215 Enhanced transmission of control channel signaling over UMTS
US10064217 Method and apparatus for enabling flexible numerology in multi-user MIMO system
US10064218 Channel hopping aware channel access and re-transmission
US10064219 Method and apparatus for system access in system using beamforming
US10064220 Wireless communications system using random access procedure
US10064222 Communication apparatus that wirelessly communicates with external apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
US10064223 Apparatus and method for selecting D2D communication mode depending on signal interference
US10064224 Method and system for establishing wireless fidelity direct (WFD) connection in a WFD network environment
US10064225 Method and device for D2D configuration
US10064226 Mobile radio communication devices, mobile radio communication networks, and methods for controlling the same
US10064228 Portable computing device for wireless communications and method of operation
US10064229 Device-to-device communication method and mobile device using the same
US10064231 Communication apparatus
US10064232 Non-transitory computer readable storage medium for terminal device
US10064233 Point-to-point ad hoc voice communication
US10064234 Electronic device and operating method using bluetooth
US10064235 Method and apparatus for reducing signaling overhead in a wireless communication network
US10064236 Device and method of handling communication with base station
US10064237 Communication apparatus, and layer 2 state control method
US10064238 Power socket terminal network, terminal and method
US10064239 Apparatus to establish wireless backhaul connection
US10064240 Mobile communication device and method of operating thereof
US10064241 Dynamically enabled Wi-Fi
US10064242 Modified architecture for cloud radio access networks and approach for compression of front-haul data
US10064243 Heat mat with thermostatic control
US10064244 Variable peak wavelength cooking instrument with support tray
US10064245 Joining device and joining method
US10064246 Induction cook-top apparatus
US10064247 Methods of controlling cooling in a microwave heating apparatus and apparatus thereof
US10064248 Light fixture with ferroresonant transformer power source
US10064249 Converter for light sources
US10064250 Optoelectronic circuit comprising light-emitting diodes
US10064251 Updatable lighting fixtures and related components
US10064252 Organic EL display unit, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
US10064253 Method for controlling information apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
US10064254 Multi-phase power supplies for light fixtures
US10064255 Lighting system, particularly for delirium reduction in intensive care units
US10064257 Method and arrangement for monitoring of lighting systems, and a monitored lighting installation
US10064258 Method for providing direct current to wireless dimmer, and apparatus and system therefor
US10064259 Illuminated vehicle badge
US10064260 Ground system for high voltage semiconductor valve
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